4 tips for holiday content that will boost sales

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The holidays are right around the corner and that means the eCommerce industry is about to see a flurry of activity. You can attract more of this activity to your online store if you invest in quality holiday-themed content.

Content can be blog posts, videos, infographics, social media posts — anything you publish on the web.

Lots of busy shoppers will be looking for advice, gifts, recipes, activities and other holiday tips online. If you create seasonal content that draws people in, you’re more likely to connect with new customers.

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Bring more shoppers into your online store

Content marketing is the practice of creating blog posts, videos, infographics and social posts that people will find interesting. Here are some tips.

  1. Find holiday keywords.

  2. Cater to the shopper, not the user.

  3. Create a holiday countdown.

  4. Look toward the year ahead.

Let’s dig into how holiday-themed content can boost your eCommerce sales this season.

1. Find holiday keywords

Before you map out your holiday content strategy, you need to find the right keywords for your industry. These are the words or phrases people are typing into search engines when looking for products like yours.

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Keyword usage is bound to change with the seasons, as more people look for gifts and holiday-themed content online. Most Google searches have four words or more, so don’t shy away from targeting longer search queries.

Keyword phrases like “gift ideas for girlfriend” or “secret santa gift ideas” would be worth checking out.

Use keyword research tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner or Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to see which terms are trending in your industry over the next few months. Select five to 10 keywords and decide what type of content you’ll use each for this season.

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2. Cater to the shopper, not the user

To create content that brings more people to your eCommerce store, think about who you’re talking to. Remember that you’re trying to appeal to the people shopping for those who might enjoy your products and services — not the end-users themselves.

If your store sells home improvement tools, you might write a post on “Best Gifts for DIY Dads.”

This kind of post appeals to wives, daughters and sons shopping for a loved one. So, instead of going into the specifics of a new drill, you should write for people who might not have much experience with your products.

There are bound to be plenty of other eCommerce stores pumping out similar content, so it’s best to be as specific as possible. You really have to create a detailed picture of the people who would enjoy your products and services. Instead of “Best Gifts for Dad” as a title, go with something like:

  • “Best Gifts for Dads Who Spend Too Much Time in the Garage”
  • “Best Gifts for DIY Mechanics”

Add a little humor and try to make your posts stand out from the competition. Read this article for tips on making sure search engines find and understand your blog posts.

3. Create a holiday countdown

Who doesn’t love an original holiday countdown? This is an age-old tradition around the holidays and it’s a shame more holiday marketers don’t use this to their advantage.

The original 12 Days of Christmas countdown has been used by retailer for years.

Holiday countdowns lay the groundwork for your content strategy. Whether your countdown is five or 25 days long, you can post something new every day leading up to the holiday itself. Countdowns get your readers excited about your content as they look forward to each new installment. When they read your latest post or watch today’s video, they’ll remember that they’re one step closer to the big celebration.

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Customize your countdown so that it’s related to your industry. Each day, you could share:

  • A holiday-themed activity.
  • A festive recipe.
  • Pictures your decorated office.
  • Favorite quotes from holiday movies.
  • Gift lists featuring your products or services

Read this post for more ideas and details on how to promote your countdown on social media.

4. Look toward the year ahead

Christmas and other end-of-the-year holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanza also tie into New Year’s. Most people won’t use your gifts until after the holidays are over, so focus on the year ahead. You can tie your products and services to some common New Year’s resolutions like:

  • Losing weight.
  • Saving money.
  • Finding that dream job.
  • Taking more trips.
  • Spending more time with loved ones.

When trying to help people find the perfect gift, show your readers what a person can do with your products or services. This style of content paints a meaningful picture of how your products can help people accomplish their goals.

Customers who have a positive emotional response to a particular brand are 7 times more likely to make another purchase.

Your readers want to buy their loved ones something special that will last the test of time, so show them how your products can fulfill a deeper need or higher goal.

Don’t forget the holiday backlinks

Once you have some creative posts, videos and/or social campaigns in the bag, you can start reaching out to other websites for potential backlinks, still one of the best ways to elevate your search ranking.

Having great holiday-themed content is important, but if it doesn’t show up near the top of Google’s search results, hardly anyone is going to see it. That’s why you need to have other websites link back to your online store, giving it a boost in the search rankings.

Link-building can move your site up in rankings, putting it in front of more people.


Lots of businesses will be vying for some holiday traffic, which means this is a great time to reach out with link-building offers. Look for websites related to your business such as:

  • Industry news sites.
  • Online stores that compliment your products and services (not direct competitors).
  • Educational websites related to your products and services.
  • Gift-giving and holiday-themed websites.

Approach these websites with an email or message titled “Holiday link-building opportunity” or something similar. Ask them for a link back to your website and mention that you’d be happy to do the same for them.

Use holiday-themed content to attract a crowd

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Effective holiday content marketing is all about getting people excited about your products and services. Remember that you need to create high-quality content if you want people to find your website on search engines like Google. Also keep in mind:

  • You might need to adjust your writing style and tone to attract gift-givers.
  • You’ll need to spend some time looking for holiday-themed keywords and backlinks.

Most people will be shopping for someone they know, not looking for gifts for themselves. Get creative with your content and try to drown out some of the competition. We’ve seen countless pieces like “Great Gift Ideas for Dads” in the past, so take your content in a new direction.

Get to know your readers and write compelling holiday content that puts your eCommerce store on the map. Content marketing works!

This holiday content post was originally published on 9 November 2018 and was updated on 29 October 2019.