6 reasons to put your small business ideas out there

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Time to take flight

Spring is in the air, and it’s inspiring us to come out of hibernation. So, now is the right time to set free that side hustle idea you’ve been holding on to! As you put more thought into letting your crazy cool idea see the light of day, here’s one thing you should strongly consider — building an online home for your business or personal brand.

With GoDaddy Website Builder you can easily build a website in under an hour — so now you have no excuse!

If you find yourself shuddering at the thought of being online, it’s totally understandable because the internet can be a daunting place for your precious idea to be exposed to. With the help of GoDaddy, my goal is to encourage you to break free from whatever is holding you back and show you that the internet can be just the right tool to help boost your product/service.

Those small business ideas won’t sell themselves

Got a box full of handmade goods to sell or an idea for a service you think people will love? Here’s why you should take the plunge and put it online.

  1. It uncaps your customer base.

  2. Is easily shareable.

  3. There’s less overhead.

  4. Caters to the ‘save it for later’ crew.

  5. Keeps you connected even in your sleep.

  6. Lets you learn from visitors.

There are many reasons to put your small business ideas online. Here are just six.

1. It uncaps your customer base

We are connected now more than ever before because of the internet. Since more people are glued to their screens, it only makes sense to strive to be the website that they’re looking at.

Small Business Ideas Lion Hunter Blog

I remember starting my lifestyle blog Lion Hunter and thinking that only my friends and family would see it. I later realized that the internet made the geographical reach of my personal brand boundless.

2. Is easily shareable

Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways that information travels. The internet has figuratively injected jet fuel into word-of-mouth because now we can share a link to hundreds, thousands — even millions of people in an instant! By having an online home, it’s easy for someone to share your link with their friends and social networks in a flash!

3. There’s less overhead

I have included less overhead on this list, not to deter you from opening a brick-and-mortar store, but to provide you with another option of doing business if you’re not ready to commit to a physical location yet.

Small Business Ideas Lion Hunter

I look back to when I was working on a small line of handbags. I was nowhere near having an actual store, but was so thankful that the internet provided me with a home to see how my product would fare. I was able to launch that brand on a small scale without having to invest too much into it. If you have things to sell, try GoDaddy Online Store. This is a great way to get your business off the ground and start to sell your products.

4. Caters to the ‘save it for later’ crew

I’m part of the ‘save it for later’ crew. I have so many collections on my Instagram and a plethora of bookmarks on my browser that I always go back to. I’m saying this to attest that someone will see your product/service but might not have an immediate need for it. Being online gives that person the option of saving it or bookmarking it for future reference!

5. Keeps you connected even in your sleep

If your business also has an online home, you’re connected even in your sleep! People can still find and learn more about you, buy from you and ask for a quote without you having to be physically present. The benefit of your business being online is that people are able to find you 24/7.

6. Lets you learn from visitors

The more my personal brand grew, the more I realized that I needed to understand who I was attracting to my site. Thank the internet gods for analytics because I was able to see who I was attracting, where they live, which content they relate to more and how long they spend on my site.

Small Business Ideas Lion Hunter

With an online home, you can get an in-depth look into your customer base and make informed decisions because you have statistics to back you up! (GoDaddy products work seamlessly with Google Analytics, which offers a free version.) What is great is that GoDaddy does a lot of the legwork for you, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Put your small business ideas out there

What are you waiting for? It’s time to put your small business ideas online! Try out GoDaddy Website Builder and build your own website in under an hour. It will allow you to test your idea without spending a lot, expand your customer base and keep your doors open 24/7.

Image by: Alex Iby on Unsplash

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