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Kick back and make some cash

When I hear home business, I think of an occupation that does not require you to leave the house for work. Whether you work from a makeshift office, your couch or the patio, everything you need to run your business is literally within your reach.

Starting a business from home has many advantages, including keeping more money in your pocket via saved transportation and meal expenses. And let’s not forget the money you save on your tax return because you are able to expense a portion of your home expenses.

Running my businesses from home allowed me to be there for my children, from infancy to young adulthood.

Most entrepreneurs who operate their business from their homes are doing what they love, where they love to be and working with the people they actually want to work with. If all this sounds like heaven to you, here are some home business ideas for you.

Home business ideas you can start now

Here are eight good ways to make a little extra cash — or in some cases even a full-time income. If you have a computer and good internet connection, startup costs for most are minimal.

  1. Blogger.
  2. Bookkeeper.
  3. Virtual assistant.
  4. Direct sales.
  5. Online tutor.
  6. Personal trainer.
  7. Crafter/maker.
  8. Transcriber/translator.

Let’s look at each of these home business ideas in depth.

1. Blogger

Home Business Person Taking Photo with Phone
Bloggers make money by sharing regular articles, photos and videos on topics they love.

Believe it or not, there are many people making money from blogging. This is the practice of creating articles, videos, infographics and more on a topic they love to talk about. Bloggers make money by:

  • Advertising products
  • Sharing affiliate links
  • Getting sponsorships from big brands
  • Selling their own products or services

Blogging can consume a lot of your time and it requires a publishing schedule you’re willing to commit to. There are no qualifications for it, but there are many courses that you can take to help you rise faster through the blogosphere.

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2. Bookkeeper

Have a knack for numbers? Then becoming a bookkeeper may be the way to go. A bookkeeping business is easy to start up and requires a small investment for a computer, software, printer and office supplies.

If you are wanting to start a bookkeeping business but have no prior experience, you will want to earn a bookkeeping diploma from a local college or online school. This will give you the education and confidence you need to attract and serve clients.

3. Direct sales

Many people open home-based businesses by joining a direct sales company. This is a large corporation that sells its products through independent sales representatives across the country. This is a very popular option for those wanting to work from home but who have limited experience in business.

Amway, Avon and Discovery Toys are examples of direct sales companies.


People find a product that they love and become a sales representative for the company. There are no requirements to become a direct sales representative, although most companies require you to purchase what they call a starter kit for a small fee.

4. Virtual assistant

Home Business Woman Writing in Notebook
It’s no longer necessary to be in the office in order to manage the office.

Do you like to organize things? Are you great with details? Many small business owners need assistants who can:

  • Check/answer emails
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Return phone calls
  • Send out documents
  • Process paperwork
  • Book appointments and more

All these tasks can be done off-site, hence the virtual part. Becoming a VA does not require a diploma or special qualifications. However you will want to be well-versed in the software and platforms that you will be using to perform the tasks required.

5. Online tutor

If you excel in a certain subject, tutoring could be a good home business for you.

Being an online tutor works just as it would in person, except you help your students via online conferencing such as Zoom or Skype. You could send and receive homework via email or Google docs.

There is little to no cost in starting an online tutoring business. But needless to say, you must be well-versed in the topic to succeed as a tutor.

6. Personal trainer

If a healthy lifestyle is your forte, then you could make money helping others replace bad habits with healthy new ones. You could have your clients come to you or you could go to them.

Depending on the services you offer and where you choose to offer them, you may need to purchase equipment for exercising. It’s best to become a certified personal trainer so that your clients know that you have the qualifications to conduct training sessions safely.

7. Crafter/maker

Home Business Woman Making Clay Bowl
There are many places to sell handmade goods — both online and off.

If you have a knack for art, woodworking, sewing or any sort of crafting, you could make money by selling what you make.

Whether it is making quilts, building birdhouses or knitting baby clothes, crafters are highly sought after. People want to buy directly from the maker/creator because these items are unique. With social media and sites like Etsy, it’s easy to promote and sell your products.

8. Transcriber/translator

Want to start making money right away? You can become a transcriber/translator for online businesses. You can choose to work with an online company that offers these services to their clients or as a subcontractor to a company such as Rev.

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork also offer these opportunities.


There are no up-front expenses, except a computer. There are no qualifications for this type of work, although language skills and attention to detail are a plus.

Starting a business from home is fairly easy

When exploring home business ideas, remember to create a business around something you love. This will make any growing pains or late nights feel worth it. Creating a life you love, around a business you enjoy makes the journey of entrepreneurship a pleasure.

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