How to make money blogging

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Put in the time and effort

Are you interested in how to make money blogging? Do you have the energy and enthusiasm needed to drive your quest for status in the blogosphere? If you have basic writing skills, a flair for entertaining and a nose for business opportunities, then blogging can be an exciting way to increase your bottom line.

Blogging for money has become a new side hustle for many creative, entrepreneurial people who have something they think the world needs to hear.

Start a money-making blog in 4 steps

Blogging is a topic that has been discussed in detail online, but here are the basic steps to blogging for money:

  1. Choose a (broad) topic.
  2. Give it a name.
  3. Get a little technical.
  4. Now for the money shots.

Before we explain the steps to starting a profitable blog, a word of caution.

One thing to know before you dive in

It takes stamina to build a blog. You’ll need to nurture it by writing interesting and informative posts, publishing on a regular basis over time. Little by little, the number of people reading your posts will grow.

Initially you will have to be the one to reach out to possible sponsors. But if you can gradually and consistently grow your readership, money-making opportunities just might come looking for you.

How to Make Money Blogging Runners Warming Up

Blogging is not for the fainthearted.


This is not about going viral or hitting it big overnight — you could easily be writing for a year before you start to make any money from it. But if you stick with it, it can be quite rewarding.

1. Choose a (broad) topic

The most successful bloggers are passionate about what they are blogging about.

The focus or topic of your blog can be anything, but it must be something that you are knowledgeable or passionate about. Bloggers have also succeeded at blogging for money by focusing on a journey of discovery they are beginning. The key to any successful monetized blog is in the authenticity of what you are sharing.

You can approach your blog topic selection a number of ways:

  • Your topic can be based on a life-long interest — trading cards, craft beers, fashion, sustainability practices or comic books to name a few topics
  • It can be based on something interesting about your current lifestyle (e.g. cross-training, meal prepping, small-space living), basically anything you do on a regular basis

Or your blog could be an invitation to readers to join you on a journey you find yourself embarking on (e.g. parenthood, home renovation, reducing your carbon footprint).

See what others are blogging about

Continue your research by looking at other people’s blogs and start to collect information about the ones that appeal to you.

  • How often do they post?
  • How long is each post entry?
  • Are there pictures to accompany each post?

Use this information to help you figure out a reasonable editorial plan for your blog, including the subtopics you wish to write about, photos needed and dates you plan to publish each post.

2. Give your blog a name

How to Make Money Blogging Newborn Baby
A name for a parenting blog might include the word ‘birth,’ ‘parenthood’ or ‘parenting’ in it.

Search for a domain name that contains a keyword that relates to your topic. Keywords are the words that your future readers will hopefully type in when looking for your topic online.

If your blog will be about ‘the care and upkeep of lizards’ for example, it would be a good idea to have the word ‘lizard’ in the name.

Or better yet, include the more general word ‘reptile’ in case you ever want to expand the scope of your blog to include snakes. Ideally, you want a name that will be easily found by the Google Gods when someone is searching for information on your area of expertise.

Read this post on how to use online name generators to hit on an unforgettable name for your blog.

See if the blog name you want is available now

3. Get a little technical

Next you’ll want to research the blog tools to find one that is your speed when it comes to required technical knowledge for sharing writing and photos or videos. If you have a website, you might already have a blog tool you can use so check this first.

For example, anyone using GoDaddy Websites + Marketing for their website can add a blog with just a few clicks.

WordPress is another popular option, but not the only blogging tool out there.


There are a huge variety of ready-made WordPress templates to choose from and many can be customized using plugins. Select something that is visually uncluttered with a contemporary feel that can work well for your topic now and in the future.

A word to the wise

Do a little reading about search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a series of steps you can take to bring more people to your blog. Since how much money you make depends on the size of your tribe, you want to get this right.

If you want the Google Gods to find your blog with it’s new domain amongst millions of others when someone is googling ‘reptiles,’ then you’re going to have to give it a boost by sprinkling select keywords strategically throughout your writing.

4. Now for the money shots

Once your blog is up and running and you’re publishing regularly, it’s time to link it to your social media accounts and encourage your contacts to share the link.

You can also reach out to any influencers in your field to see if they are interested in a marketing exchange, where you reference each other’s blogs to increase both audiences.

This might also be a good time to consider registering for one or more affiliate marketing programs.

Retailers will pay you to feature their products or services on your blog; every time a sale is made, you receive a small fee. Hosting ad banners or other ad placements are another way to earn money as your blog picks up its slow and steady steam.

Blogging for money

How to Make Money Blogging Apple Watch
Retailers pay select bloggers a fee every time a reader buys one of their products.

It’s only when your blog hits a loyal readership of at least 1,000 that businesses may begin to ask you to be a paid partner. Though there is nothing stopping you from contacting companies about paid partnerships on your own, it’s important to know what they are looking for in terms of readership demographics and how your blog measures up.

So be ready to talk numbers straight out of your blog’s analytics page if you are hoping to score deals for sponsored posts, where you talk about your love of their products, or to be considered an ambassador for a brand.

Note: Required readership numbers are relative and depend on your topic and the business you’re hoping to partner with. If you are blogging about rare reptiles and a specialty pet food store wants to team up with you, your readership won’t have to be in the thousands.

And that is how to make money blogging

By creating a detailed, well thought-out plan, complete with keywords, an attractive layout and a clear and memorable name, you increase your chances of long-term success. Continued growth of your blog’s readership will rely heavily on how good you are at publishing quality content at regular intervals.

While it takes time to make money blogging, monetizing your online presence is a great way to indulge both your passion and your bank account.