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7 ways to be your own boss

You may have heard of 2021 being declared as the year of the Great Resignation. Remarkable talent in every sector resigned from their positions in droves. But these people didn’t just retire to the couch. We’re seeing more and more new business ideas pop up every quarter. 

Whether it was due to a hostile work environment, barriers to advancing in the company, or pandemic burnout, everyone resigning was more than ready for a change.

Seeking something different? 

If you’re itching to do something new but haven’t taken the leap to a new role or launched a venture of your own, it’s not too late.

Where to begin is always the tricky part.


It can be scary leaving a position you’ve held for many years — even for a new business idea. 

If you haven’t imagined what a different day-to-day could look like, there’s a myriad of possibilities to consider.

Keep in mind that some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Netflix, Airbnb, IBM, Warby Parker, and Microsoft were born out of hard economic times. How’s that for a little inspiration? 

To get your wheels turning about new small business ideas, here are seven thrilling areas you may wish to consider.   

1. Virtual fashion designer 

Our first new business idea is virtual fashion. The virtual fashion craze is just getting started and this new industry has a promising future.

Dapper Labs, a Canadian company that created the Flow blockchain and launched fan-centric companies like NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, and UFC Strike, has been a launchpadGenies website for many different types of digital products.

One such company built on the Flow blockchain is Genies. This fashion-forward avatar ecosystem has Bob Iger, former CEO of Disney, as an investor and on its Board of Directors. (How cool is that?)

With Genies, you can design clothing for your own avatar.

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at fashion, but just didn’t know where to start, virtual fashion is a place where a new small business could thrive. 

Read more about the steps to get started in virtual fashion design here.  

2. Virtual assistant 

Time management and organization are two skills that are hard to come by. Many people operate in organized chaos or had jobs where someone else manages the ebb and flow of the workplace.  

If you love to keep all trains running on time and everything organized, there’s money to made in doing it for someone else.

The main perk? You can do this from the comfort of your own home and in your pajamas if that’s your jam. To learn more about entering this sector, check out the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants 

3. Food truck extraordinaire 

Have you ever wondered what makes a food truck successful?

You could say that it’s bright, enticing branding and a catchy name, but the shiny exterior is no match for word of mouth. If the food isn’t good, it’s a hard sell.  

Food truck worker serving burgers

An amazing food truck begins with a chef who loves and specializes in a certain product. Ask yourself these questions to get your creative juices flowing: 

  • If you were to start one, what kind food would you choose? 
  • Would it be seasonal or year-round? 
  • Would you go beyond the food truck to offer catering for events and weddings?

Now that you’ve put some thought into what your food truck would offer, check out this website, fully dedicated to drool-worthy food trucks, for an extra pinch of inspiration.  

4. Virtual project management 

Another new business idea for the very organized is project management.

Much like being a virtual assistant, being a virtual project manager relies on some of the very same skills.

There’s a need for agile project managers who can help companies deliver on time.

With so much competition, being the first to market is critical. If you’re thinking of starting your own freelance practice, you may want to check out the Project Management Institute. You can be certified in this area and make great industry connections. 

5. Virtual event management 

We’ve all participated in less-than-ideal online events. From poor audio to fuzzy videos and breakout rooms that send guests into an abyss, all of this can be fixed with aWoman sitting at a desk talking on a headset professional virtual event management guru.

What’s exciting about this area of expertise is that you can try out fresh technology and create innovative event plans for your clients to consider.

You can always be on the cutting edge of this field because it’s always changing, and best practices are shifting.

Online events give companies the opportunity to connect with people all around the world and are a cost-effective way to reach new customers.  

6. Online course developer 

Have you ever thought about taking what you know and teaching it to others? This new business idea is suited for someone who wants to share their knowledge with the world and bypass part-time teaching in a university or college setting.

The education landscape is constantly changing, and more institutions are offering different courses, but do you know what sets you apart? You.

No one else has had your experiences.


No one else has learned what you learned. Your life experience is invaluable.

By creating a course specific to your area of expertise, you can share your wisdom with others while making profit from your teachings. The Career Professionals of Canada website is a good place to start, as it has tips on how to develop an online course. 

7. Dynamite dog walker 

I know what you’re thinking, this small business idea isn’t new. There are no bones about it, dog walking businesses have been around for many years.

However, we saw a drop off in business during the onset of the pandemic when:

  • Everyone stayed home
  • People adopted dogs for companionship
  • Dog walking became part of daily exercise (and an excuse to get out of the house)

With many people returning to work, doggos are restless at home. Some may even have increased anxiety because they’re not used to being alone all day.   

There’s an opportunity here to rethink the traditional dog walking business and branch out to different services such as pet therapy, resocialization training, and virtual check-ins. 

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New business ideas are everywhere

There are plenty of new businesses to start — all it takes is someone bold enough to take the first step. That person could be you!

If you’re afraid to run with your small business ideas, and don’t feel ready, you can start to gain those extra skills by practicing them.

  • Ask your current employer to give you a shot at running a virtual event for your teammates
  • See if there are any coworkers who need a dog walker on the weekends

You have the power to make your own opportunities. What are you waiting for? Make it happen! 

Have a great idea for a new business? Claim your online identity by registering the domain name now:

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