The big success of Itty Bitty Ballers

Small but mighty

UPDATE: This Itty Bitty Ballers post was originally published on 29 June 2017 and updated on 29 October, 2019 and again on 14 September 2020.

Spreading the word about your business comes down to a solid marketing concept. That might seem obvious, but the nuances of an effective marketing campaign aren’t always easy to identify. Whether you’re a new company working to create brand awareness, or an established business marketing a new product or service to your customers, sometimes you’ve got to go big with an unexpected, out-of-the-box approach. As an example, let’s dive into GoDaddy’s Itty Bitty Ballers campaign.

The big idea behind Itty Bitty Ballers

GoDaddy is all about helping small businesses and go-getters get online. With our new Website Builder (since renamed Websites + Marketing), anyone can build a website that shows up in all the right places — social, search, the works. To introduce this product to the Canadian market, we hatched a big idea about an itty bitty business led by a larger than life personality. This allowed us to pique the interest of customers, entertain with a funny story, and demonstrate the benefits of our new product without being … well, boring.

The Itty Bitty Ballers campaign centered on a basketball pro (hint: he’s very tall with a beard and a love of raptors) with a passion outside of his time on the court — creating miniature figurines of himself and his teammates.

The story goes that GoDaddy helped him get his faux business up and running with an eCommerce-enabled website. He then served as a spokesperson for Itty Bitty Ballers and, by extension, for GoDaddy. Although Itty Bitty Ballers isn’t a real business, there was a real Toronto-based GoDaddy customer, Objex Unlimited, that created the figurines to support the campaign and bring it to life.

Itty Bitty Ballers HoopThe Itty Bitty Ballers Campaign

As a friendly, authentic figure with broad appeal, the player was the perfect personality to pitch our product. We realize GoDaddy is a global business and, as a small business owner, you may not have the means to hire a celebrity spokesperson. Not to worry.

The key here is using a charming, entertaining personality that customers will listen to, identify with and trust.

That might mean teaming up with an influencer, creating a character, or just conveying your brand’s charisma through smart marketing. Don’t just think about the product or service you’re offering – think about the end user who will benefit from it, and dream up a story surrounding that person. Even without a local celebrity, you can draw in your target market and create camaraderie by incorporating and celebrating the Canadian way of life.

Big laughs

We directed all marketing to the Itty Bitty Ballers website, which was designed to educate and entertain the audience. (Of course, we were totally transparent about it being a fake business.) A video from the TV campaign was the key piece of content on the website. It showcased our spokesperson and explained the backstory of Itty Bitty Ballers with a humorous tone.

Videos are a valuable marketing tool that can convey your brand’s personality, relay information to your customer and create a meaningful connection.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the means for a big-budget production. A simple video can still be really effective. In addition to the video and basic information about Itty Bitty Ballers, the website linked back to the GoDaddy Canada home page.

Pro tip: You may or may not create a separate landing page for a campaign or product, but make sure anything you do create looks and sounds like the rest of your marketing materials.

Big heart

Because we actually offered the figurines for sale, an eCommerce shop was another important feature of our website. If you offer a physical product, an easy-to-use purchase platform for your customers should be a top priority.

Proceeds from the sale of the Itty Bitty Ballers were donated to charity.

Incorporating a charitable cause into your business model or campaign adds value for everyone involved.

It shows that you’re a brand that cares about community and giving back. It encourages customers to make a purchase. And, it gives your customers the satisfaction of a supporting a good cause.

Big impact

A website is all well and good, but it only works if people land there. Itty Bitty Ballers was propelled by an extensive PR strategy designed to optimize our media impact.

Even if you don’t have a big media budget, social media is a great way to promote your business or campaign.


Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to share your campaign. Carry the tone and message of your brand through to these other platforms. Generate interest in your campaign by sharing video, images or other content. Create buzz with a catchy hashtag. Encourage engagement by running a contest or asking for input from customers. Excite and intrigue customers enough to click through to your landing page.

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Go big with GoDaddy

The Itty Bitty Ballers campaign increased brand awareness for GoDaddy and elicited positive reactions from consumers and the media.

Have an innovative campaign idea for your small business or big idea?


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