Go Beyond Email with Microsoft Office 365

Want to become more efficient? Take advantage of desktop software with Microsoft Office. Start creating word documents, getting organized with excel sheets, create impactful PowerPoints, and start taking advantage of Outlook. In addition, you’ll benefit from having your email, calendar, and contacts perfectly synced.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your GoDaddy Account Manager will help you choose the best Office 365 plan for your business.
  2. We’ll work with you too create each employee’s new account.
  3. Your employees will get an email with info we’ll need to access the server they’re on, so we can migrate information off of it.
  4. After that we’ll send your employees a link to an easy-to-use tool to ensure their email settings move smoothly.
  5. Behind the scenes, we will move all of your employees mail to their new account.
  6. We will contact you when the process is complete, then your team will be ready to start using Office 365.

The entire process takes place when it’s convenient for you and requires no downtime for your business. It’s worth reviewing your current IMAP platform to decide if Office 365 is the best fit for you. If you’re concerned with functionality and have an eagerness for efficiency, you’ll want to upgrade to a more dynamic platform with Office 365. Don’t worry, we’ll be with you ever step of the way.

Most migrations take a few minutes to get set up and running.

Go grow your business Don’t waste time and risk losing the lifeline of your business. We’ll get you set up with a specialized GoDaddy Account manager to review pricing and scheduling with you.


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