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Account Hacked, Called godaddy, still not fixed

I've been a customer for over 15 years. 

I called godaddy Monday 7:30 AM EDT and told them someone accessed my account and turned on 2 factor with a number that wasn't mine. 

All of my email and my customers emails started bouncing 5 hour prior to that. 

The godaddy rep had me my email a copy of my drivers license to "cancel 2 factor..." 

This was done at 7:39AM Monday 03-16-2020


He told me this may take "up to" 72 hours...   


Its been over 120 hours now, not ONCE has godaddy contacted me. 

a customer/friend of mine calls and texts me multiple times daily asking when will my email be fixed?


I'm not receiving emails for my own business.

My website has been down this entire time.

Some of my domains I've owned for 20 years


The only action that occurs is when I call in and ask for updates. 


Last update was it has to be unlocked by the "OCEO" dept. 


Over 15 years I've been a customer...  THIS is how godaddy treats its customers?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Account Hacked, Called godaddy, still not fixed

I'm sorry you're having trouble getting back into your account @DannyPrice. I understand how this could be a very frustrating situation for you. Please keep in mind that account security matters have to be reviewed very closely. While we want to help all our customers get back into their account as quickly as possible, we have to verify each request with a high level of scrutiny. This is for everyone's sake. 


When you send in a request to have two step verification canceled, an escalation is sent to our account recovery team. Any delay you experience (typically only up to 72 hours) is due to our our teams addressing other customer issues that escalated prior to yours. We do take every issue very seriously and every issue is addressed as soon as possible. I'm not sure why you wouldn't have heard from our team already. I would suggest double checking your bulk/junk/spam folders to make sure the email didn't get caught that way. 


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