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Can't add payment method



I've been trying to add a payment method to my account but I keep getting the following error.


Oops. You missed some required information. Please complete the noted fields and try again.


I am trying to add a credit card. I have been trying since one week now. And have also tried with multiple cards. I have also called up a customer agent and asked her to fill details on my behalf but even she was not able to add my card. I have crossed check over and over again but I cannot seem to add a credit card as a payment method.


I do not have any existing domains on my account as of yet (and I don't plan to create any  as of now).


Can some help me?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Can't add payment method

Hi @prernasrivastav. Outside of the suggestions in this post, I'm not sure what you would be able to do. If customer care wasn't able to add your payment method as well, it might be a problem with the payment method itself. It's not clear whether or not you had the agent try multiple cards, but I'm guessing you did. You may want to check with your payment method provider to see if there are any limitations on what you can use it for. You can also check this article for information on what payment methods we accept in each region. 


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Re: Can't add payment method

I have this exact same problem. How did you resolve it?