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Charged for services I don't have

Godaddy debits my bank account. I don't have any chargeable services with Godaddy. I have a account, but NO, Zero, nadda services.

I called billing and the 4 minute wait time was actually 78 minutes and the guy hung up. I called again, and the same guy said he was tech support helping in billing and couldn't help me and had to transfer me to a billing guy, and that was 56 minutes ago. And holding. WHY WAS THIS GUY HELPING?? Helping do ing what - being insolent to everyone? Paid by the number of calls answered?


No way am I paying. I have had to do this with Godaddy before and the bank got my money back, after almost 45 days. A now, Godaddy hits me again with another unknown reason for a charge. All I get in return are ridiculously long wait times ending with a hang-up.


Once I get my money back, it is deducted at Godaddy bank, with a 44.00 charge-back fee so if you wonder why domain registrations, web page plus hundreds of costly extras are the way they are, look at how they bully money from unsuspecting account holders. I LOOK AT MY BANK STATEMENTS!



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Re: Charged for services I don't have

Wow! That sounds horrible @iNiC and sadly I have had a similar experience with company billing (hosting and other companies). My solution is to not keep a chargeable payment method on file and if there must be a payment method I just input a wrong CVN or invalid MM/YY and that usually does the trick? In the past with some nameless company I had to issue a transaction block.


The hold time is really regrettable but I know that GoDaddy call volumes are higher than normal at the moment. I am sure that given a bit of time and patience your issue will be resolved but it indeed SUCKS to have even a cent held back in error! I can't apologize for GoDaddy but feel your pain and I do not feel that this was something done on purpose. I have seen unscrupulous billing practices but GoDaddy is a company I trust with my billing information. I hope that your future with GoDaddy is better than this situation and I am sure that it will be?


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Re: Charged for services I don't have

I'm sorry you're having this experience @iNiC. My understanding is that if a charge is disputed, the merchant involved has an opportunity to show the payment method provider (Visa, Discover, etc.) whether or not the charge is valid. Being that the bank allowed the chargeback, it would seem that GoDaddy was able to provide evidence than an actual service was provided. I'm not sure why the agent you spoke with wasn't able to assist you. I will have that situation reviewed internally. I apologize for any frustration you may be feeling with this situation. 


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Re: Charged for services I don't have

You don't understand. My bank refunded me the second last time.. By your suggestion, then Godaddy failed to provide adequate evidence to the bank the second last time this happened. I now hope this is the last time.

Now I have to wait again for my bank to recover the illegal charge. NOTE: I would be more than happy to pay it, but Godaddy never sent me a invoice for any amount, and no, it's not in my spam box. I tried to work with Godaddy but Godaddy failed to cooperate. I spent many hours researching any possible reason for the charge, then many more hours trying to work with Godaddy. It may be possible, due to a Godaddy process, that have been mixed in with another account. My refusal to pay for something I have no idea what it is for, would no doubt see that persons service stop working. So you see, I tried to help Godaddy, a possible customer of Godaddy, and myself.

As it is, my bank has opened another dispute and I await their response again. I would much rather have been able to reach out to a Godaddy (experienced) billing rep at Godaddy, but one can only try for so long before giving up and resorting to the more drastic option of filing a dispute. It's Godaddy's customers that pay the costs incurred by Godaddy to either provide the proof or pay up, plus the charge-back fees that are charged to Godaddy, not the victim.

No matter now, it's game 1/0 so let the banks fight about it.


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Re: Charged for services I don't have

You're right that I do not fully understand your situation. I do not have access to your account so I can only guess at what has occurred. The main point I'd like to communicate is that GoDaddy doesn't charge for a renewal without an active product or service being associated with a stored payment method. Of course, I don't even know if the charge is for a renewal, and it sounds like you're not sure either.


Unfortunately, since moving our agents to working from home, they are not currently able to take payment method information from customers and thus can not look up a charge without it being tied to an account the customer can access. In the case where you believe the charge is fraudulent (as in another person used your payment information) going through your bank would be the best course of action. I truly do hope things work out for you. 


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Re: Charged for services I don't have

GoDaddy is by far one of the worst companies I have dealt with.  They just keep sending emails about products that I do not even know I had being past due.  Then when a product that I do need comes up as past due because the CC I had on file was stolen, they cancel the website.  Even after I received a call from a rep and told him I would update once new CC came in.  First told it website was cancelled on 2/11.  I showed the chat rep the receipt that I paid on 2/11.  Then told it was cancelled on 3/11.  Was told that there was no back up.  Then after saying I would talk to an attorney, PRESTO a back up is found.  But now this scummy company wants me to pay $60 to restore it.  NUTS  They give my profession sales a bad name.  Best part is they sent me an email today "

We couldn't renew one or more items in your account. That's not a big problem — as long as you take care of it immediately.





Here's what happened.
We tried to charge you for the items listed below but your payment method is invalid.



Once you've double-checked your payment info, make sure you renew all your products to keep them safe. Otherwise, you could start losing important stuff.




Re: Charged for services I don't have

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Wow. I imagine that with millions of accounts, it can be very
hard for GoDaddy (GD) to manage everyone's account accurately due
to the many variables and that mistakes can, and as they say 'If
it can go wrong, it will'. But by and large, GD does manage to
make a lot of people happy.  That said, GD has a place in the
web-world; to provide the services it can. They have the hardware,
the server-ware, and some professionals to operate it. I don't
know why people use it, maybe because of smart marketing and
advertising. IMHO, it's over priced and value is placed bits and
pieces as extras. But for many that don't want to deal with a
learning curve by having their own VPS, or independent shared
hosting, GD is the next best fit.

Since we are sharing episodic adventure, unfortunately, GD has in
place what most businesses now have... a  Customer Service
Representative (CSR) on the front line that I have found, too
often to be rude, and treat each caller as if the caller just got
their first box of crayons and can't figure out how to stay within
the lines. I have over 25 years in the communication network
industry and am insulted by someone telling me, that when a web
site isn't showing up to clear my cache or ask what browser I'm
using.  But I get it. Good help is hard to find, and expensive.
But, I digress. Your issue, and mine, may be unique, but I think
we are a small, very small minority and probably, not worth the
time to deal with and we'll take our issues and go elsewhere. It's
about economics. If I'm billed (pretending) $50.00 a year for 2
domains and it costs GD $30 to pay support people to sort out my
problem,... you understand and GD is not alone.  But it's

I understand how you must feel. I know what cranked Robert Bruce
Banner's nerves turning him into Hulk. I felt that when after many
long agonizing hours, a guy at GD answered my call and after my
explaining my issue, he said he was just helping out in billing
and was "just a tech" and I would have to talk to a billing guy,
and transferred me back to the wait line --- From the billing line
back to the Billing line... and I'd probably get general help
again. There is no excuse, but many are making exception and
blaming COVID. This experience is why I left GD a long, long time
ago. It wasn't new to me.

Add injury to insult, I call the main line and get "We see that
your phone is associated with more than one account." Yes - it WAS
- years ago. I guess I have to find and use a phone that was never
registered at GD in order to get a screen where I can decide what
account I want to log into, and not have it popped up for me.
Kiddie Kewl I don't need. GDS, lose the thought-to-be-keel bells
and whistles and floating in-my-face ads and neat-o fades. Why are
you ashamed of a easy to read and follow site that it's hidden
behind bling, glitz, and glamour?  Can your products not stand the
test of simplicity without the Hollywood pizazz?

Sorry, but I am responding to this as I wait for GD to take my
call. I can't leave the GD screen (on my other monitor), play a
game, or do any work because I need to keep a lot of data open and
ready in case someone picks up. Take our calls faster GoDaddy, and
we won't have time to sound like a cat in heat 🙂

I empathize with you @Pijan - with
my next beer, I'll toast you in the hopes you find a apology, a
fix and everything back in it's corner where it belongs without
cost. Good luck my friend.


P.S,. The only reason I am still doing things with Godaddy is
because some clients ask that I take over from their web person/s
and, I have my own account because years ago I registered a domain
name via GD but because it was so convoluted a process back then,
I cancelled and went elsewhere. Ergo, my phone is still there as
is my credit card, which will renew soon - I hope. Makes wonder -
what if I renew my card and GD keeps billing and nothing happens,
what it dos to one's credit rating.