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Email renewal?

Hi all... When I renew my web domain and website in February, do I have to purchase email/word and workspace emails? They're a bit expensive and I have Gmail address I can use. I'd love to just renew my domain and website builder without the expensive emails




HI @PaulKinsman


Thank you for your post. You are not required to renew any service you no longer need. In some cases you may actually have email forwarding credits that work similar to domain email only they are only able to receive and forward out the emails to a secondary email, like gmail for example.  This may be a good setup for you as long as you don't mind communicating with your customers with a generic email address. Either way though, feel free to turn of the auto-renew for any service you wish to discontinue but also keep in mind to backup any important emails that you may have already received before allowing the email to remove from the account. 


Best wishes!


Getting Started

I saw your reply but you probably did not understand my problems. The problem is that I want to renew those 2 products, I need the products but no money in the card then but as of now, there is money in the card but renewal did not work as I try to renew it. The site kept telling me that (Your payment is being processed in United Kingdom) but nothing worked at all. Still not renewed and money not deducted and I think as time go on things become worst. I have tried several times and for more than 6 days now.

Getting Started

I have added money and want to renew some product but the payment processing did not work out since yesterday I have made several attempts.


Can you help me. please email me:


Thank you,