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Hosting support is inconsistent

I have been a Godaddy customer for years spending thousands of dollars on service for multiple domains, services and hosting.  Support has always been spotty, however, luckily, I have not needed it too much over the years.  Recently, I had several hosting issues and had to contact support several times.  Godaddy in the past couple of weeks is 0 for 4.  Basically, it works like this:  you call or chat with issue.  It takes a long time to get ahold of someone.  Next, you explain your issue and are told they will look into it.  After a long time, the support person returns and tell you the issue has been resolved but it will take 90 minutes to update.  You then hang up or close chat.  A day later you realize the same problem was still there and nothing has been resolved.  This has happened 3 times, with 3 different problems recently.  This is how you lose customers. 

The forth issue I have is that I am paying monthly for website security and one of my sites gets hacked (I am not even notified like I am supposed to be) but the only thing the tech can do is offer me to pay more $$ and wait 48 hours to have my site fixed - How is that not a complete scam?  I thought I already was paying for website security!!! The interesting thing is at the time I was hacked, the security dashboard said my site was fine. hmmm.  

I am saying this as a courtesy for Godaddy to improve for the future but am already in the process of moving all of my accounts and services to another host within the next 30 days.


Hi @erikblack,


Welcome to the Community.

We're sorry to hear that you've recently encountered poor experience with the GoDaddy Customer Care team. It's difficult for our volunteer Community to provide assistance without more details on your issue. If you could include your domain and the type of hosting plan you're using, more advice and assistance could be provided here by our members. 


Have you been hacked frequently? The security program should detect any malware presence, then help you clear it up. If you happen to be using WordPress or Joomla, you'll want to be sure all your plugins and themes are kept up-to-date. Unfortunately, malware usually gains access to your websites by compromises in the web applications and scripts used by the individual website. It's great if you have the security program - make sure you have all features enabled to help you manage any intrusions and take advantage of all the features. If you're not getting emailed reports, be sure to check the settings on the product to enable the reports there.





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