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How can I change the verification email in my domain name?

Hi there,


I logged in with my facebook account and bought a domain. But I suddenly changed the email of my facebook account. And whenever I verify my new bought domain, it sends the verification to my old email. Can I contact anyone to change the verification email?



Community Manager

Hi @JacobCruz. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It sounds like your trying to update your domain contact information. When you update your Registrant info on a domain, our system sends an email to: 
a.) the shopper email address, 
b.) the existing email address being replaced, and 
c.) the new email address for the Registrant contact.


Either the shopper OR the existing registrant email address AND the new registrant email address are required to approve the update. If these email addresses are the same, only one email and approval will be required. See New ICANN Registrant update requirements for more details.


If you need to update the email address on file for your account, you can do so with the steps in this article


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