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Price increase by Godaddy

Has Godaddy been increasing their renewal and registration prices hugely? Last year (2015) I renewed my website hosting and I paid the following: Windows Hosting $60, One domain name $14, second domain name $4.5. Now, when I try to renew the same this year (2016), I am being asked to pay the following for the same site: Windows Hosting $95.88, One domain name $16.99, second domain name $16.99. This is too steep an increase in price. Have others too noticed this?

Community Manager

Hi all,

If you have a question about pricing and renewals for your account, the best thing to do is contact our customer support team. Our team has details about your account and is good at working with you to come up with the best solution for you and your circumstances and needs. You can find the best number to reach us in your local area by going to 


We’re unable to discuss account specific pricing and renewals issues in the Community on behalf of our customers. 






RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

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Hey @ysaeed


First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


I can say for certain we haven't had any large price increases in our current hosting plans. Keep in mind we generally offer a large discount on the initial purchase to help new businesses get started, but we also indicate the regular renewal rate next to the plan being discounted. It's possible your first order was taking advantage of a special we had going on at the time. 


However, I can't say for certain here as this is public discussion forum. If you'd like to reach out to our live support I'm sure our agents will be more than happy to review your order history and see if there's any current specials going on that might help out. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Switching from Workspace email to Office 365 (email only) is a 300% increase in what we are paying now.  Not much incentive to make the change, and may send us elsewhere for our email hosting. 

Yes, I just found out renewal for domain, builder, and ssl certificate is $275.00 for one year.  That is over double than what we paid last year.  I think we paid $120.00.  I would love to speak to someone who can see if there are any other plans that would work for us, but I can't find anyone to help via the 800 number.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just did as suggested and called customer service after seeing a 25 % increase over last years charge. I asked as you suggested what could be done and was told nothing. No discount. He Couldn't do that after invoicing ( and OF COURSE you CAN, maybe WON'T but of course you can )He offered extra months and when I said ok he said only if I made additional purchase of more years. No where on my auto renew mail notice did it state the new price...obviously i would have shopped around. Very disappointed in the way this was handled.

Whoever is leading their customer/price strategy is LUNATIC.. it's an immediate increase on his/her quota and will look good for management.. BUT it's SHORT lived! And today more than ever, when people talk on social media, forums etc this TERRIBLE practice will get around and people ( like myself and my customers) will shy away from godaddy. BYE BYE godaddy.

I have to echo other's disappointment with GoDaddy pricing. I've been a GoDaddy customer since 2003. For the first 10 years I was extremely satisfied in every way, however between the policy change a few years back under which there are no longer any promo codes available for renewals and the recent price hikes I'm no longer a happy camper. Today I discovered that a .us domain which I've owned for 12 years and for which I've always paid $7.95/year to renew is now $19.99. That's an unexpected increase of more than 150%! I see that I can transfer my 10 domains to NameCheap paying $92.17 this year and $112.05/year thereafter vs the $166.90 or more GoDaddy will charge. You know what they say about all good things... 😞

i have the same issue, my hosting plan was 71 Pound and today was renewed for 95.88 Pound and after contacting godaddy i didn't get the answer because i have been told it's normal!

I'm was godaddy from Feb 2012 and i guess it's time to move on or there's anything else you can do for us?

You must see from your customer feedback below that YOU HAVE MADE LARGE PRICE INCREASES over the last year, and not just for renewals. Trying to get the same plan I bought from you 4 months ago has increased from £71.88 to £107.64. How can you justify this? 


yes Godaddy are increasing the prices, I need to find me another registrar, thank you.

Getting Started

I just got my annual renew bill for my domains here at godaddy,  for the past five years it had been the same, this year it almost doubled in cost.


Yet I see buying new domains, becoming a new customer, you can get domains for insane low costs in compares. Seems like godaddy is going the way of the cable/dsl companies, where there is ZERO LOYALTY REWARD for customers who wish to stick with you (and I've been with godaddy since 2002). Instead they jack up prices for renews and drive loyal customers away


Thanks godaddy, for treating this long customer like dirt. I will not be renewing with you next year, I'll be "taking a new customer deal" somewhere else.

Been with Godaddy over ten years and noticed reasonable increases, but now my hosting renewal cost has doubled.  Time to move my site.

I am feeling exactly the same!

Since they went public, I see many changes not for the good of the customer.

Same here.

Turns out renewal fees are $275.00 for one year.  Domain, builder, and ssl cert.

This seems really high.

Does anyone know where we can get a 20% off coupon?  

Give the support a call they normally have the ability to save you a little bit. The best way to save money is longer terms with bigger discounts like 30%

Mike L. | WebPro

It used to be that way, not the case for the last year. They will offer discounts IF you buy something else where in the end you will pay the same or more.. i.e domain club.

Yep, my domain prices have more than doubled. I think this will be my last renewal with them. I am going to start shopping around and start moving my domains away from godaddy as they get closer to renewal.


Yeah - I just renewed one then, after, realized the price increased dramatically. As my domains come up for renewal I'll transfer them. 

Yes they have and they seem incapable of any justification! 

I just got my credit card bill.  The charges on it from GoDaddy are staggering.  There is no way on planet Earth that I am paying $969.22 for anyone to host two very small websites (roughly 10 pages each) with a tiny amount of traffic.  There is definitely a bait and switch game being played by GoDaddy.  I'm taking my business elsewhere.