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Quoted wait times are longer than usual

Longer than normal wait times are understandable. However, telling people there is a 4 minute estimated wait time, when it's 78 minutes. Or when I called back again, I was told 10 minutes, and later after that -person- hung up, the next "wait time" was "40" but 63 minutes later, I gave up and tried a redial.

Then another 88 minutes wait till I conceded. Godaddy wins again. Playing static pretending to be music with a clearly undefined time as to IF, and WHEN someone might pick up and we'll go away eventually, or our battery dies. Meanwhile, Godaddy can keep taking money from my bank without any rhyme or reason and not one (adult) will step up to the plate and take some responsibility. Oh, and please teach your customer service people that if they don't know the answer, don't invent one!


Godaddy claims "ward-winning" support. Godaddy needs to put their support where their marketing blather is..


Godaddy support has been relatively OK, in the past, but this is a deal breaker!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Quoted wait times are longer than usual

Hi @iNiC. I apologize that you had this experience. I know that long wait times are frustrating and we're doing all we can to reduce them. However, I believe the issue with the wait time being longer than projected was something that was occurring last week and has since been addressed. If you or any others are still experiencing this, please provide the details of when the call occurred and I'll relay the information to our telecom team. 


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