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Reporting Again For Indian Support - Related to Refund, Billing


First of all, I'm really very sorry for reporting here again because support staff is third class mostly when we talk about the Indian GoDaddy support staff. They wasted my 2+ hour without getting me to answer to my reply.


Now, what why I'm reporting "what's the matter" and what I meant again?

Here is the last report by me please check:


It was about a refund - They were not refunding me by payment method like PayPal, UPI or also the bank. So we find a middle way it was getting a refund via cheque and I agreed with terms they gave me time 5-7 weeks to receive that refund cheque. That the cheque was issued on 25th March and today is 18th May so I think 7 weeks are already done.


I have not received any cheque (yet) and I still don't know they have released it or not. I have a mail here is the snapshot:Screenshot - 5_18_2019 , 7_08_54 PM.png  


Note: I talk with the Indian support - I did chat with them for around 2+ hour and they said we will send you mail (But I know they will not gonna send)


One main thing I want to share with you is our conversation, please check how they wasted my time without providing me the answer to my query. 


I tried to talk in polite language but didn't found a helpful answer.


Please help me to report against them + to get my refund back ASAP because 7 weeks are already done.


Thank You!


Super User III
Super User III

Re: Reporting Again For Indian Support - Related to Refund, Billing



Unfortunately, account management issues such as this can only be addressed by the support staff who have backend access to your account information. You will need to contact them in order to resolve the issue. 

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