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Websites down after multiple discussions with support

After 15 years with GoDaddy, I am having the most horrific experience with them. Even when I ask to speak with a manager, I am not put through. I am asking for someone to call me and interview for my radio show that airs on 25 stations and Roku TV, Amazon TV, and Apple TV and why they are ripping me off and treating me this way. (



Over 2 years ago I setup a wordpress site but it had /site in the official title. So I paid a token for them to make it just  Fast forward and when it came time for year three, the card on file had expired. It was offline just 3 days but when I updated a new card, it once again had the /site on the end. So I paid another token for them to fix it.


Since that time, all of my websites are up. but they cannot be logged into. When you click on for example, it gets a page not found warning. This has been the case on all of my websites now. That begin my experience....


Chat 1: They said, after over 40 minutes, it was a known issue on GoDaddys in but they are resolving and it should be fixed soon.


Chat 2: 48 hours later, I contacted chat again. They said the previous person was wrong. So they said it was because I no longer had a domain I have not had in over 2 years. It seemed crazy but I gave it a shot and bought the domain. He assured me it would fix everything within 24 hours.


Chat 3: After not working, I contacted support through twitter. He said, I am sorry, they were both wrong. It is a malware issue. You will have to buy Website Security Essential.

Chat 4: I called this time and was told it was a malware problem. So I paid for the three months of service. He moved a bunch of files around to make sure it scanned all my websites. Then told me it would be 24-72 hours. In fairness, he did seem to be helpful.

Chat 5: After 72 hours passed, not only were my logins not working but all the websites have a notice in cpanel that states "Error: Website not found. If the website was recently renamed or moved please edit the install to save the new location (Advanced tab)." So I called again, this time, he said none of those were the problems. I needed to buy more tokens and let WP team fix.


Summary: They messed up my links while fixing a link. A trail of missteps on their behalf has led back to them wanting me to pay them again to fix a mistake they made again.

Super User II



I am an end user like you. I feel how you are upset and the pain you've been going through with this. As I'm an end user I can't get into your account and see specifically what is going on. From what you are describing I'd like to confirm a few things


1) It sounds like you are hosting multiple sites on a single cPanel account

2) it sounds like perhaps at least one or more was installed via the Installtron app

3) At least one or more of your sites are currently not loading ( just gives a blank screen)

4) The original issue with this started out when you had something like and you wanted it just be


So a couple of comments - 

1) I do not recommend hosting multiple WordPress websites in a single cPanel account as if one gets compromised, they are all really compromised as they are in the same sandbox


2) Assuming that you used Installtron and GoDaddy Professional services moved the files around to correct the path issue I could see that breaking the link in cPanel but the sites should still work fine


3) You mentioned that your card expired and after you renewed (within a few days) it had reverted back - If the server was never down during those few days I would say that would be pointing to malware something that reset your settings.


4) You mentioned about an old domain name - It is possible that you had an expired domain name linked as the primary domain for the cPanel account, while generally speaking this shouldn't cause any issues, it is possible that support saw this and thought it was an issue

5) In regards to speaking with a manager - GoDaddy employees have been working from home since March/April 2020 - as such they don't have the exact same capabilities as when they are in their office space - I'm guessing that maybe why they couldn't connect you with someone.


6) Once you do get the sites back up and running - I suggest making sure you are running a regular backup as well as a plugin like WordFence to monitor for malware and finally make sure you update your plugins / themes on a regular basis.


I know this doesn't solve your issue but wanted to give you some insight / a reply here in the community.


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Hi @glconline. Thanks for your post. I'm sorry if you have had any difficulty with your websites or our Customer Care team. It appears you have been contacted by members of our highest tier of support. They will provide you with the best information and support regarding your situation. As such, I have closed this topic to further discussion. Please continue to work with our teams as they reach out. 


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