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harassing phone calls

Yeah, so this happened.  I live in Bangkok.  I get a personal call that I answered (from an Arizona number)...I hear godaddy and immediately said "not interested...bye" and hung up.  10 seconds later I got another call...from an international number..I answer...and its the same douchbag...I say "dude...I'm a customer..I don't need a solicitation...bye" and hung up.  That **bleep** called me a third time in 5 minutes...from yet another spot...and harassed me.  WTF.  I'm a customer with dozens of domains.  I'm about to move them all elsewhere.  Every call I accept here I pay international rates. 

Community Manager

Hi @a6patch. Thanks for posting. I've not heard of this happening before. We wouldn't usually call an international number from our line in Arizona. I'd question whether or not it was actually us. There have been reports of other companies saying they are us when they're actually not. At any rate, if you haven't already done so, you can opt out of calls by updating your settings here. I hope that helps. 


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