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inability to actually reach a person via email?

so, i have a few issues. and i'm fairly ***** about them.

1. an internet based company doesn't have an email option to contact you for assistance? that's just sad. it's 202, not 2001. this should NOT be an issue.

2. you send all of YOUR traffic to a 3rd party service for your 'help chats' which are unhelpful for anything except basic questions. yet I CANNOT VIEW MY OWN WEBSITE while using a vpn (my clients can't view it either while on vpn) but i CAN edit it-which is completely stupid. the choice of allowing someone to view my website if on VPN SHOULD BE MINE, THE CUSTOMER PAYING YOU, not you. that is not your choice. this needs to be fixed to give that choice to us, your paying customers, because i have lost clients because of this.


I would appreciate an actual email from you, godaddy, to work through these issues but i'm told byt the unhelpful help chat desk that there are no email addresses for the teams or anyone for that matter in which to contact, i.e. your help chat desk said you do not have email addresses. that is beyond pale. and i would be more than happy to email you my very unhelpful 'help chat' to support this. that is... if you had anyway to contact you.

CASE# 67430869

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Hi @lizm17. Thanks for sharing your feedback. We transitioned away from general support via email a number of years ago, but it is still used when an issue needs to be escalated to 2nd and 3rd tier support teams. 


As for connecting to a website via VPN, as far as I know, there isn't anything on our end that would prevent this intentionally. If you're using our Websites + Marketing builder, that does employ CDN technology that your VPN might not like, though that seems unlikely. If you'd like to share more details on that, I would suggest creating a new topic to focus on the more technical part of the issue. 


As for your chat experience, I will have that reviewed to ensure any necessary training or feedback is passed along to the agents you spoke with. I apologize for any frustration you may have experienced. 


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1. this issue i requested to be raised to tier so thats just an excuse as the rep on chat wouldn't escalate the issue.

2. what you said is different than what the rep said regarding vpns. BUT had i been contacted via email by a team with the case number i MADE THEM create so i wouldn't be just tossed aside, again, with an issue not being resolved, then this wouldn't have been posted here.

3.since you do not know which product i'm using as you have no access to my account, generate band-aid answers which address none of what i need help on are useless. THAT is why i posted it here WITH THE CASE NUMBER so maybe SOMEONE at godaddy will actually make the effort to contact me to resolve the issues. regardless, even with CDN, there should be an option to 'turn on' or allow access to sites using vpn. to not have this is just crazy.

4. i am not creating a new topic, on top of this new topic, to say the same thing. you don't have a specific group managed by any teams that deal with specific issues. if you maybe actually created a useful one which WAS monitored by a team which COULD access accounts or case numbers, then it would be a step in the right direction.

5. removing email contacting options for issues, was and remains a terrible idea. community forums can only do so much when there is no actual help from godaddy with account issues. the chat 'help' is also useless as you give them minimum access and even less training beyond repeating scripts and saying 'i'm sorry i can't help you because i don't have access to the teams.'


so again, since i can't get my issues dealt with via chat, i have a case number for the issues, and i have requested a team or even a rep with a brain, to contact me via email multiple times now, i state my request again to have a team at godaddy contact me directly as this seems to be the only way to actually reach a rep AT godaddy and not some third party outside contractor who has no clue.


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@lizm17 - I will try to address your points below:


  1. While we do our best to meet our customer's expectations, our care guides can only escalate issues after checking with a higher tier support team. It's likely that they did this and that team did not think your issue sounded like one they'd be able to address, and therefore did not advise the guide to create an escalation. 
  2. I don't know the particulars of your situation, but I know other customers have used VPN connections and have been able to access their websites. My guess would be that the agent was attempting to communicate that we don't support VPN related issues in the sense that we can't provide technical support for your connection to our servers. That would be something you'd need to address with your ISP or VPN provider. 
  3. There are essentially three types of products you could have: a site builder, a Managed WordPress Hosting plan, or a regular website hosting plan (Linux or Windows). None of these products would intentionally block a VPN connection. If the issue was that you were not able to get to anything in the GoDaddy network, then it might be an issue where our network security was blocking access from the VPN you were connecting from. But if it's only a specific website you're not able to access, this wouldn't be something blocked from our end. 
  4. Thanks for your feedback on having a board with active support agents. We don't currently have any plans on making this a reality, but that doesn't mean it will never happen. My hope was that since this sounds like an issue outside the GoDaddy network, you could share the details with the Community and someone who's had a similar experience might be able to offer advice. Also, while it doesn't always happen, members of our product team do participate in forum threads from time to time. If you believe there is a product issue with a specific VPN, then posting a topic in the correct forum board might get you the answer you're looking for. 
  5. While I completely understand your frustration with our chat support agents, they do receive a fair amount of training before they're able to assist customers. This doesn't mean that they will know everything or not make mistakes, but we're committed to getting additional training to those agents that need it. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.