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transfer between 2 Go Daddy accounts

I renewed 4 names in error in one account. I'd like to cancel, receive credit, and apply the credit to another GoDaddy account. Can you do this?

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Re: transfer between 2 Go Daddy accounts

If you are wanting to request a refund you should do so as soon as possible @Klipper. Depending on the extension you have more or less time to renew according to the GoDaddy Refund Policy. Regardless I would contact support as soon as possible.


Perhaps the best thing to do is request a refund (if you are within the return window) to the card that was charged. The whole credit to a different account thing is a bit convoluted. I that helps?


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Re: transfer between 2 Go Daddy accounts

Hi @Klipper


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If you need to be refunded for the renewed domains, you will need to cancel them right away. You can check this refund policy to see if the manual renewals are refundable. If you're wanting to keep the domains, do not cancel with the hope of registering them in another account, as that could take 30 days for a full release to availability. If you want to keep them, but manage them in another account, you can do an account change


A credit for the renewal can't be transferred to another account. It can only be applied to the account in which it is used, or refunded to the original payment method. 




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