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    Feedback on Non-Profit Site Please?

    Hi guys, not very good at this stuff, trying to help out a non-profit.  Current site is http://www.southtexascc.com.  Site I'm working on is https://southtexascarclub.godaddysites.com.  Any feedback appreciated.

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    Re: Feedback on Non-Profit Site Please?

    Morning from Oregon,

    Very nice cars!! We could not help but spend time looking at them haha

    Everything looks good!! Much better then the old site!

    Good job!

    Mrsroadrunner Photography
    Super User III
    Super User III

    Re: Feedback on Non-Profit Site Please?

    Hey there @hnherb,


    Loving the redesign! Much more modern and up-to-date. 


    The only suggestion I have is to include more front-page matter. I would put the schedule on the front page at a minimum. That's one less click your visitors will have to go through to find the information they want. I wouldn't get rid of the scheduling page, however. I'd just make a section on the front page. 


    Also, you want to remember that you have a blogging function on the GoCentral platform. If you want to draw more traffic, you should consider blogging about the shows that are scheduled.


    All in all, it looks great though!

    Best Regards,


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