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    GoDaddy implementation for 3 local distribution points.

    One of my clients recently ran into this problem with her

    GoDaddy  e-commerce web site and I thought this probably impacts

    several other small businesses. The client has no physical store

    but three means of distributing her baked goods in a smallish

    mid western city, in store pickup(third party), Farmers Market,

    and local delivery.


    Problem Description #1: Her clients sometimes place orders through

    the "Contact Us" form and the message is at risk to be missed.

    Fix: I entered text within the "Contact Us" data entry box asking them

    to please order through the "Shopping Cart". I then added the same

    message directly next to the "Contact Us" data entry box and

    linked the words "Shopping Cart" to the shopping page.

    The "Contact Us" data entry box does not allow linking at this time.


    Problem Description #2: The Baker would like to have her clients explicitly

    specify their pickup or delivery needs.

    Fix #1: Add "Special Instructions" data entry box to the second step of the order

    process. Add text to the product pages explaining that customers add their

    pickup or delivery needs in the "Special Instruction" box.

    Fix #2: Go to Store/Products and create options within each product to

    include a client selection for pickup or delivery method. This is the most time

    consuming "fix" especially if there are a lot of products.


    Ping me if you need to know the exact steps or would like screen shots?

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    Re: GoDaddy implementation for 3 local distribution points.

    @JayZeeThis is really awesome information! Thank you for your contribution to the community! There is so much that our builders can do if users just make a few changes. We are constantly working to add new features to our builders as well.

    Heather L- GoDaddy | Advanced Technical Support | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support