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    Google can't index my site - server error (5xx)

    I have had this issue for ever and checked with Google and Chatted with GoDaddy but everyone just pushes the issue off to the other company or wants to sell me an SEO package (GoDaddy). The issue is that Google cannot fetch any pages, access or index my pages/site. When trying it continuously returns the server error (5xx). 


    The site is: forensicvideolaw.com/


    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Re: Google can't index my site - server error (5xx)



    There could be many reasons why you are having issues...


    => Do you have your site verified, sitemap submitted and setup with Google Console?  If you do you should be able to see the specific crawl errors provided by Google.  


    => You said 5XX errors.  Not all are the same -- 502 Bad Gateway, 503 Service Unavailable, and 504 Gateway Timeout for example.  Which specifically are you receiving?


    => Ran a performance test on your site and there's some work to do.   Performance issues can cause problems.


    So the first thing I would do is get the site performing better by addressing the issues in the report.  Work for at least an A and B versus the D and D with 7.6 second load time that you have now.  You want to be at 2-3 seconds max. 


    Also, you really should add SSL (https) to your site.  That's now standard and customary and a huge trust factor not only with site visitors but with Google.


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: Google can't index my site - server error (5xx)

    Thanks @Muse for responding. To answer your first set of questions, yes I do have the site verified, sitemap submitted and set up in Google Console. The error more specifically, Goole shows a 500 Response Code when trying to "fetch" any page including the robot.txt file. 


    Thanks for he link to the performance test. I am working on the issues that I am able to now.  


    Re: Google can't index my site - server error (5xx)

    Hi! Did you ever figure out a resolution to this problem? My site is doing the exact same thing - it works, however Google Search Console cannot fetch or find the robots file. The site works just fine when you physically type it into the browser. This has only been happening since GoDaddy moved me to the cpanel...