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    Learning Management System

    I have a relatively basic website. I wish to include e-learning modules on the website, so that users can log on, complete the e-learning module and then get a certificate after its completion. I am not sure about where to start with this. I have read a little about Learning Management Systems and that there are sites that offer this. But just wondering if I can do this myself or if it'll be too complicated. I would like the e-learning modules to be on my website and not just a link to an external site. I would highly appreciate any help in shedding some light in my options and where I can start with this.
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    Re: Learning Management System

    Hey there!


    There are a lot of options out there for an LMS type site. Adding this kind of functionality will make everything inherently more complicated to run the site but there are also plenty of tutorials out there to make your life easier. It'll take some time to put it together but it's definitely doable if you just put your mind to it.


    The one big thing that gets people that I've noticed when running a LMS type site is they try to go cheap on the hosting. If you have a lot of feature rich content and then multiple users engaging on the site, you'll notice that on shared hosting you're probably going to see some slow down. I would suggest Business hosting or above for an endeavor like that.



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