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    New Site Looking for advice and recommendations!!


    I just started my website Spanish On Demand here. My site is directed to people looking for Spanish Tutoring. I have encounter difficulties finding out where to add availability, pricing and checkout pages in my site. I'm new and want to build a strong site that attract visitors and sales.

    Please visit my site and give me your best advice and recommendations, I'll really appreciate!

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    Good start!  Right now you have a one page brochure, right?  So, to have an effective website, the first thing we need to do is add more content (the more the better!) and then get top navigation in place.   This would include all the basics site visitors will look for and want to review:


    => About page:  Go into great detail about your passions for your business, why you decided to offer classes, what you enjoy most -- and some photos of yourself.  Your bio, experience and why you are the person they want to hire to teach them Spanish. You want visitors to get to know you -- the person -- that they will be trusting with their hard earned $$.


    => Classes page:  This is where you will detail your various packages.   Online, off-line, in person, via video?   You can use the Services setup feature to add that page to your site/navigation.


    => FAQ page:  Frequently asked questions.   You know what those you will help would probably ask  you.  Add those questions and answers to this page.  From pricing, to time-frames, if you'll travel and any variables you can think of.  Include your cancellation and refund policies.


    For availability you can use the Appointments feature where you can manage your calendar and services and then make sure those pages are in your navigation too. You'll find links for those setups in the top/left navigation of your dashboard.


    HTH! 😉




    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    Love your website. The trees are cool. Made me want to keep browsing. I would add top navigation, maybe some customer testimonials. Also your book now button just drops me to the bottom f the page. Maybe have it open to another page where they can fill out info, or get info on services etc.

    Advocate II

    I like the 2 green faces with Leaves.Looks good, but i noticed when I hit the book session. it took me to Learn more.

    David shelton