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    Please review my website. Need help with photo gallery

    I wish there was a better option for making a more expansive/ viewer friendly photo gallery. My photos are of different vehicles that need a link to a second gallery with more detailed photos of that vehicle. A option to make photo albums with a cover photo and caption linked to a page with my detailed photos would solve my issue. Instead they are all mixed together. I do not like the layouts given and I have tried them all.


    Do I have to link each picture to a sub page for each one? Is the new html ability a good way to build a photo gallery?  Whats the best/easiest way to do that now?


    Thanks for your help! Feel free to give tips on anything else you see that could use improving. This is my first site build.



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    Nice site! 😉  What you have set up now is utilizing the available features of GoCentral.   


    What you mention, using HTML could work.


    Here's what I would try...


    For your Photos page, you would use the HTML widget to insert a clickable image that goes to another page you've set up for a particular group of photos, all Wraps for example. On the Wraps page you would use the photo gallery widget to upload photos for just Wraps.


    Since you have to link to one of your images, to get the URL of the large image, go to one of your established galleries, right click on the large image and select "view background image".  You'll then see just that image and a ridiculously long URL in your browser bar in the browser's location bar.  Like this one:




    You'll see the actual image URL above in bold -- that is all you need to link to the photo.


    That's what you would use in the image code and wrap that in link code. As an example:


    <a href="https://jax-wraps.com/cool-van-wraps" target="_blank" title="Cool Van Wraps"><img src="https://img1.wsimg.com/isteam/ip/0bd45760-42c8-4c18-865f-a21909f536f2/0a1e774b-9b63-41c7-b809-ed7ce2913ab6.jpg" width="XXX" height="XXX" alt="Cool Van Wrap" title="Cool Van Wrap" /></a>

    You could then add a comment below the code: Click the above image to see all our Wrap photos. 


    You could also make that comment clickable too.


    Then rinse and repeat for each "category" photo page you want to link to.  The only consideration is you have to input width and height into the code to resize the display.  This is not the best way to display images but is the only workaround I can think of within GoCentral.


    Does this make sense?  If not send your question my way! 😉


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