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    website displays different on tablets and phones

    I have a simple website created with Microsoft Publisher, and published on GoDaddy with Filezilla.  Much of the content is made up of photos and descriptive text boxes.  All my formatting looks A-OK on my PC where the website is created, as well as other PCs, but on various tablets and smart phones, some of the text and pictures overlay each other.  Any ideas what might be causing this?  Thanks.

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    Re: website displays different on tablets and phones



    Sounds like your site was not created to be responsive.  Responsive sites automatically adjust based on the device/viewport viewing the site.  


    I've never used MS Publisher but I do remember that application creates fixed width static sites.


    So, what you want to look into is how to develop a responsive site.  If you do a search for responsive MS Publisher templates you might find something you can use.  


    Or move to WordPress where there are tons of responsive themes to choose from.


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: website displays different on tablets and phones

    Sorry in advance.



    Browsers calculate spacing differently as well as have other quarks between them.  The old-school method was to have separate rules for each browser, as it may sound that was a lot of work and a lot of maintenance.  The modern solution is to create 'responsive' websites where the rules are set-up to adapt to whatever device the site is accessed on.


    That being said it takes a well coded website, and Publisher doesn't know how to code a website well.  Keep in mind it's intended for designing printed documents, and oh yea it can save in HTML too.  Depending on your level of interest you may want to switch over to a Website Builder platform for beginners (like GoCentral or something from another provider), you could find a responsive template and customize it to your needs, or you could go all out and learn to code a site from scratch.  There are countless ways to make a good website.


    That may not be the answer you were hoping for to just start over a different way.  You can try posting the URL to the site for specific advice, but most of the time the HTML Publisher creates would need to be drastically overhauled for even what seems like it should be a simple fix.


    Also Microsoft now has software dedicated to building a website called Expression Web, and it's free.  Though it is for more advanced users and there's a learning curve.


    Re: website displays different on tablets and phones

    Thank you, Judith...great suggestion!  I was not aware of the "responsive" issue with Publisher, being a bit of an amateur with website development.  Will check it out.


    Re: website displays different on tablets and phones

    Thank you, Nate.  I'm just learning about "responsive" website development so that will hopefully help me.  I realize Publisher is not a great website builder, but it is so simple to use.  I looked into some more professional tools, but not being much of a coder, backed off.  You mentioned some other tools I will look into.


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    Re: website displays different on tablets and phones

    Yes, many desktop applications have gone defunct because they tend to run into problems that are harder to fix than it's worth.  The most popular options for beginners currently are web based platforms where you select a pre-coded template that have the responsive layout already worked out for you.


    WordPress is a great option for many types of websites and just about any skill level.  It is pretty straight forward to create a page and add content (text, pictures, etc.).  There are countless plugins to choose from depending on what you need the site to do.  Then it also has the flexibility for advanced users to dig in deeper with their own coding.


    I don't really like GoCentral but many people do love it.  There is a free trial so you can play around and see if it will do all that you need, or just move on if not.  The advantage is it's extremely simplified, the downside is it doesn't have many options and some features are lacking.


    And again those are just 2 options.  There are several other big name web-based solutions.  It all depends on your needs and preferences as to which you'll find most useful.

    Re: website displays different on tablets and phones

    Thank you.  I appreciate the advice.