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.store and .com list for sale buttons


i have .com and .store domains in my domain manager list and want to sell some. when i highlight the .com names, the estimated value field converts to a button to list the domain. that said, when highlighted, none of the .store domains offer me the same one-button choice.

all of these names were registered here on godaddy in mid may.

Why am i not offered the one button "list for sale" option on any of the .store domains, please?



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Re: .store and .com list for sale buttons

I believe GoDaddy Auctions does allow .store domains, though this is a newer feature.  It could be that section just has not been updated yet.  You can try manually adding the domain to Auctions.

Re: .store and .com list for sale buttons

thanks again @Nate.

i surely hope they do....that is the main reason I am here and it would not make sense to sell domains and prevent (however unintended) an auction at any time...especially when one is locked in for the first 60 days (although I have no problems trying to sell them here, either).

anyway, thanks again......and if godaddy is reading this, one hopes they will make this as easy as it is with selling .coms.

have a good week.