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Cannot connect GoDaddy domain to

Hey there ,


I remember I previously purchased a domain from GoDaddy and managed to host it on with no problems, however this time, every time I enter the domain now it redirects you back to GoDaddy or if your preview the files (uploaded on it just gives you a blank screen. 

I have contacted about this issue and they told me it is on your side: 

The domain is still not transferred to Please contact godaddy and advise them to change the IPS TAG to TJNF-DK with name servers and Once done the domain should be using our hosting within 24 hours.


Could you assist me with this please or is this something I can do myself? If you could provide me with the steps required to fix this issue please.

Many thanks


Re: Cannot connect GoDaddy domain to

Hi @dlee23, thanks for posting.

Changing the IPS tag is only required to transfer the domain name and move the domain registration to another company. It is not required to only change your hosting or website provider. Updating the IPS tag will make it so your domain name is no longer registered or managed at GoDaddy.

If you want to change the IPS tag to move the domain registration to another company, you will need to call Support to request the change. Support can be reached by calling any of the numbers on this page:


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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