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Need to Forward domain and delete website

I have website that is hosted with godaddy, I need to delete it and forward it to the new website I have created and is hosted by godaddy. I would like to keep the email however, is that possible? I will not require a website for this domain any longer, so dont want to keep being charged for it.


Side note, I think it is insane that your chat option doesnt work, it is almost enough for me to go to another hosting site. Just because you have a button there that says chat is bs, it is always grayed out and always says it is busy, no matter the day and time. Not everyone can call in all the time. Improve your customer service. It is lacking.

Super User II
Super User II

Re: Need to Forward domain and delete website



So there are a couple elements to your question:


1) Email - I am assuming you are NOT hosting the email on the same server as your website - so nothing should change with adjusting where the website itself is pointing


2) Website - If you are moving it to a new server you should just have to update the IP address to point to the new account


3) If you just want to point the domain to a parked page you can update the main IP record to


Let me know if you have any other questions

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