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The EPP code provided by godaddy is invalid

I was doing the transfer of domain with other company, I follow the steps and asked Godaddy to provide me the EPP code, I received the email from Godaddy and the code, well...... guess what.... I received this message 


Could not issue transfer: Unable to process transfer for Invalid authorization information The requester has given authinfo which doesn't match value . --Invalid authorization information '.........................' for Please contact the current registrar


Then I went to godaddy and found out that for my country there is not phone assistance and to call to the closest is not a free number... Please let me know how this can be fixed, International phone call is not an option for me... is there a email I can contact go daddy???


Hope someone can help me





Re: The EPP code provided by godaddy is invalid


If phone support is not an option, you can always head over to My Products and click "Manage" to the right of the domain, once your are in "Domain Settings" head to the third section called "Addional Settings" and click on "Get Authorization Code", the system will email you the EPP/Authorization code to the admin contact on the domain. Hopefully this helps! Here is also a support link if you need it.