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Transfer out too slow

I wan't transfer my domain out of goddady, because mainly DNSSEC not fully avalaible here (not some encoding option I need), and some things in the user interface are made in a too bad way. Godaddy have many years late from some others...


Since more 24h my domain transfer is "pending", even if I click on "accept" several times on the transfer out Godaddy page. It's not normal.


I'am very angry. Godaddy want we stop domain privacy, so actually some private data for my domain can be see and I don't want this. Some wwhois website keep history data. Godaddy can't block domains so long. seriously, now I HATE Godaddy. Never I will buy anything here. Too bad service.

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Domain privacy is an additional purchase and you can turn it off in the DNS management.

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I know, my domain was with privacy. But for transfer out Goddady can't accept it until we turn off domain privacy. So if the transfer is not accept quickly, that can become a huge problem.


I contacted the support twice via the chat. Finally they told me that there was a problem and that I had to send an email to transferverify[...]. Email sent, but I'm still waiting for the answer. More than 48h I'm waiting with "pending transfer".

So, currently, Godaddy sequestrates my domain name without any reason, causing me great harm: stress, big loss of time, in addition to show my very personal data on the whois.

It's really unacceptable. Godaddy's service is HORRIBLE.

I want to go to another registrar because I had other problems with Godaddy.

- I'm using a CDN service and I wanted to enable DNSSEC. Unfortunately via the interface of Goddady I had a constant and a generic error and I could not activate it (error without indications, just that it was necessary to contact the support Goddady... Great Goddady, great!). Finally I found the answer on the help of my CDN (much, much better help than Goddady): they use the algorithm 13 (ECDSA Curve P-256 with SHA-256) and Goddady does not support it. Awesome, again, well done Godaddy. Since the time that DNSSEC exists, Godaddy could not implement this algorithm which is nevertheless one of the main ones?

- I wanted to set up custom nameservers ( and For that I had to create Host Names via DNS Management of Goddady. The interface is too badly designed ... when we click on "Add", impossible to know if for the field "Hostname" it does indicate only the value of the subdomain ("ns1" in my case) or the sub-domain domain + domain (""). I just put "ns1", because the Godaddy interface says ".DOMAIN.COM" just to the right of the Hostname field. In short, finally the custom nameservers did not work after several days and the Host Names pointed to the IP of the site's server and not to the CDN (whereas I had clearly indicated the IP of the CDN in the Host Names and the IP of my server was not indicated anywhere.

- Obviously I looked for help on Godaddy. But again, Goddaddy is NULL. Very often the help page says "Page not found". By refresh with F5, sometimes the page is displayed. Other times I have to manually replace "" with "" in the URL for the page can be load. And there is not enough help for DNS and Host Names, as well as not being up to date (the interface has changed since help was created ... even the help update, Godaddy can not do it correctly).

- The admin interface of the Godaddy domains is NULL. Not practical at all and too much slow. Compared to competing services, Goddaddy is just 10 years behind. Yes, 10 years ago Goddady's interface could have been acceptable. But **bleep** it's 2019! You can at least make your interface much smoother by removing full reloads of the page thanks to Javascript!