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Transfer to GoDaddy... someone better fix this

So I place an order to transfer a domain to godaddy and provide the EPP code, then pay.

I am the owner of the domain and have a single email i use with everything. I am asked to provide Authorization Code and Transaction ID that should be in my email since my email is the one in the registrar. I got nothing in the mail (yea i know you'll say check the spam and whitelist and so on, nothing there!).... However, when i restart the transfer, I get an email (see? white-listed) saying To complete your domain transfer request, we need approval of the current administrative contact.

We've sent an approval request to *********@GMAIL.COM (that's the email i received this one on, it's open, nothing is received.... for 3 hours)... and guess what? Someone here 4 days ago, said he's facing the same issue.... and you're not replying to him, yet you replied to newer posts... your 24x7 chat is offline (so much for the best support)... and I live in Egypt and not about to pay for international calls to have a problem caused by your system fixed, if it gets fixed, only because you don't want to reply to us here!!



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Re: Transfer to GoDaddy... someone better fix this

Hi @MoemenShahawy,


Sorry about your problem but this is NOT support, just a community forum. You will have to either phone 24/7


Or live chat which is only available Mon - Fri Arizona USA local 5am - 7pm....

What this means is that the time difference is thus:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 08.36.43.png