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Transferring a .jp domain to another GoDaddy account

Hi, I recently purchased a .jp domain but I would like to transfer it to another GoDaddy account, when I try to do that, it says that it's not eligible to be transferred and the reason being "Domain extension prohibits update.". I checked the information page about .jp domains on GoDaddy and it says "Account change: Not Supported". Around 8 months ago, I transferred my .jp domain from one GoDaddy account to another GoDaddy account without any issues, I was just wondering, did GoDaddy change their policy about .jp domain transfers? If not, is there a cooldown for transferring that I just have to wait for?


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Re: Transferring a .jp domain to another GoDaddy account

Registration restrictions are generally to comply with the requirements of each registry.  The free account change option is not available with .jp domains but you can still use a paid transfer.


Re: Transferring a .jp domain to another GoDaddy account

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Domains from Japan Registry Services (.JP) aren't able to be moved from one account to another. You can read more about the restrictions on this domain in this article. If you previously moved it into your account it would have been through transfer from another registrar, new registration, or registration following an expiration - prior to the return of the domain to the Registry. You can check your order history to see the origin of the domain's acquisition into your account. There will be a charge for its registration, or a charge for the transfer from another registrar.



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