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domain transfer and updating DNS records

Issue is, once transfer is done (which can happen at any time of day, all my MX records will be invalid...all mails during that time will bounce. And it will be few hours till go daddy picks up new one. Cant there be be less painful way to do this ?

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: domain transfer and updating DNS records

@jigarashah I hope this can give you some pointers.

However, if the transfer has already started, I don't think you can change it "in the middle".


Hope it helps!



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Re: domain transfer and updating DNS records

Hi @jigarashah


When you purchase a transfer and move the domain, the nameservers on the domain (with your MX records intact) do not change unless you purchased through an agent and expressly requested that nameserver to change upon completion. You will receive an email the moment that transfer is complete. 


In the future, you can create off-site DNS and assign it to the domain prior to authorizing the transfer. Then you control everything from the DNS panel here and will guarantee a smooth transition.


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TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: domain transfer and updating DNS records

Just to help clear up your "In the future" instructions...


1. Create an offsite DNS zone for the domain you are transferring in and populate it with the records you require in advance of the transfer. Whatever's listed in the current providers DNS, duplicate it in the offsite zone. Unlike Go Daddy a lot of providers do NOT provide a way to export them so you might be looking at doing a cut and paste for each and every record.


2. Once the zone is created at Go Daddy, go to the existing Registrar's DNS control panel for said domain and point it's DNS to the Go Daddy servers your offsite zone was created on, there should be two DNS servers Go Daddy assigned to the offsite zone for the domain. The domain will now be using Go Daddy DNS and will continue to right through the transfer.


3. Wait for the transfer to complete and your done, the domain is already assigned to Go Daddy DNS.


4. Don't forget to update your WHOIS contact information.


P.S. Don't expect every support person at Go Daddy to know how to do this, the complete and utter &^%$ I just spoke to wanted to argue with me. Their DNS import has been broken for over a year and, I've reported it several times, and every time I call in they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Re: domain transfer and updating DNS records

Very helpful information ... however ... my domain name has already been transferred to GoDaddy and still points to Gandi nameservers. We do have a slightly used email app. I want to move the DNS to GoDaddy; In attempting to change DNS, I was informed that I cannot access the Gandi servers. I took the option to change servers and was presented the option to select either custom or default. I stopped there because I want to make sure that I understand next steps before I proceed. I assume I want the default ... but want to make sure. I have a report of the contents of the zone file records and can enter after I change to the GoDaddy nameservers. Am I on the right path? 

Re: domain transfer and updating DNS records

I assume when you said you couldn't access Gandi DNS you meant you couldn't access it from the GoDaddy interface? If so, that is correct because GoDaddy has no connectivity to Gandi's DNS, since Gandi owns the DNS servers. Your domain is simply pointing to the old servers and continuing to utilize them for DNS. You're lucky, had you transferred from Network Solutions they would have cut you off the second you transferred the Domain. They suck!

With That said, Before you switch your DNS to GoDaddy, and yes you would select default, you must first export or manually cut and paste each and every DNS record from Gandi's DNS so that you can manually recreate each record on the GoDaddy side.

When you select default DNS servers on the GoDaddy side it will populate your DNS with default settings, these must be changed to match what you had on the Gandi DNS. Keep in mind there will only be a few default records populated by GoDaddy, your current DNS at Gandi will most likely have several more records that you will also need to repopulate. Replacing what GoDaddy entered for its defaults and/or creating an entirely new record to match what was in the Gandi DNS.

I did a search and found the following Wiki on how to access your Gandi DNS records.

If this doesn't help, contact their support and see if they can export your DNS Zone file for you and email it to you.

Good luck!

Re: domain transfer and updating DNS records

Thanks again, your response has been very helpful. I was given the Gandi zone file contents in an email and I have created a GoDaddy template based upon this info. I am making the assumption that when I change my domain name to use the GoDaddy default dns that I will have the ability to point to my template. Correct? (If not, I'll simply have to rekey.)


I have another question, the Gandi setup and domain name were established for email purposes and as this moment, there is no webserver. The IP address in the A record takes you to "this page doesn't exist" message. Is there a similar IP address in the GoDaddy environment that I can use in the A record?

Re: domain transfer and updating DNS records

I haven't used the Template before, but in your case it might just do the trick.

What I have used in the past is their zone export/import option, it's listed at the bottom of the domain or DNS page. You can export the existing default zone the way it is and use it as a template, editing the content with your required entries, save it and re-import it. I usually delete all the commented junk out of the top of the file and the name servers at the bottom (the name servers are already set) and just leave the A Records, CNAMES, TXT, MX, SVR records sections as needed.


As for the A record, you can point it to any public IP you want OR you can select the Go Daddy option to Park the domain. This will prompt you that it is going to make DNS changes to support the Parking, that's OK, and it will update the A record to point to a page that simply says "This domain is parked" or "Future home of an awesome website", something like that. There's also a way to forward it to a Facebook page, just Google "Forwarding Go Daddy to Facebook" for instructions.


Have fun!