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Adding a mime type in Shared Linux Hosting setup

Anybody have any experience overriding mime types in a Shared Linux Hosting setup? According to you should be able to do this just by adding an .htaccess file, but this doesn't seem to have any effect. What I am trying to do is create a dynamic RSS feed using a PHP file, and set the content type to text/xml so that feed readers can recognize it as a feed. This doesn't seem to work, the content type header just stays as text/html.


Re: Adding a mime type

Hey @edwardshtern,

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Just curious, were you using cPanel (Linux) or Plesk (Windows) hosting? The instructions in the article link you referenced should work in a Linux environment, but have no affect on Windows as these are not Apache based. Instead, you'll want to configure custom MIME types with this

If you're still running into trouble, let us all know. Hopefully another member who's familiar with setting up custom MIME types can share some additional insight. 


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Re: Adding a mime type

Thanks - turns out I had a syntax error in my PHP that I didn't notice - this was causing the mime type issue.


Re: Adding a mime type

Dear Moderator,


    I have a Linux hosting and I have been trying to add a .jsonld mime type and I have followed the instructions mentioned here , but in vain. I also tried adding the custom mime types in the Cpanel / Manage / Advanced / mimetype , even that doesn't seem to be working even though it successfully adds the mimetype. 


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