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Assistance with adding second site.

For a long while now, my personal website was hosted by another site.  The domain and domain forwarding were through GoDaddy.  When I started my business a few years ago, I added domain hosting and two domains for my business' website to my GoDaddy account.  About a week ago, my hosting site for my personal website apparently either had server issues or closed their doors.  My personal site for about 20 years is now suddenly gone.  While I'm able to recover most everything from backups and online archives, I'm trying to move my hosting for my personal site to my GoDaddy account so that everything for both sites is through GoDaddy.  I updated my web hosting (which was set up with my business site's name) to Deluxe hosting so that I can have more than one site.  However, what steps do I need to take to add redirect my domain to GoDaddy and have it go to my personal hosted site as well as upload files for my personal site so that they are separate from my business site?

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Hello @Chatanuga,


Glad to hear that you were proactive enough to have backups for your website. Backups were my initial worry when I started to read your question. Sounds like you just need to take off the forward and point your domains back to GoDaddy? Check out Change nameservers for my domains or go through the domain setup wizard to point to your hosting. I hope that helps?

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