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Beware of Godaddy Customer Service - Backup website a must

I am very frustrated with the customer service at Godaddy particularly Raghunandhan who deleted all my 4 website and server from Godaddy that took me 3 years to create. I asked for a full refund for particular receipt and Raghundhan indicated to cancel product, which was misleading. I knew it would have deleted all my website and server. Knowingly that Godaddy Customer Service would have known in the end. However, Raghundhan was not most of Godaddy Customer Service. Due to the inconvenience, I had to pay extra C$240.11 for the mistake done by the Customer Service from Godaddy.  The Customer Service did not even apologize for the mistake and I have to recreate everything with partial recovery from website security and backup.


*Chat transcript removed by moderator*

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Beware of Godaddy Customer Service - Backup website a must

Hello @abawanalvin,  I'm very sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with support, and that you were not clearly informed of the actions that were being taken in regards to your account.  

I will be happy to review the chat transcript in more detail and clarify what happened in this situation.  I'll report my findings to the agent's supervisor for any coaching or training to ensure this type of situation doesn't happen again in the future.  


Thank you.