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Big size Ghost file in hidden folder

I am facing an strange issue and I have been contacting Godaddy support since last one month, but they still was not able to provide me any solution. I am sharing it here. If anyone have any solution/suggestion, please help me.

I have business premium account at godaddy with 120 GB space.

The issue starts with very slow server response and web site unavailability. Then I try to log in control panel, but I get error message.


After few try, finally I am able to log in my control panel and I see the below,


It show a file with 62 GB size is stored at some hidden file. It says, the file is stored at "†Files outside your home directory or files you do not have permission to access." See the screen shot.

After 5-10 mins, it is gone automatically


It looks someone is transporting a big size file though my resources which is making my site down, losing reputation to my clients and finally I am losing business.

Can anyone help me?


Super User I



If you believe you've been compromised, change *all* your passwords ASAP!  (Login, FTP, Email)


Then, to find out if you have in fact been hacked run a security scan.  Once you get the results you'll know if you have to take further action.


HTH! 😉


"Boldness be my friend." ~ William Shakespeare