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Business Hosting Upgraded Then......

Hello All,


Have recently upgraded to the top business web hosting with godaddy as the more resources where needed.


The upgrade happened quickly but now, 2 days later and updates made to the site are not seen.

Have tried on 1 PC / 1 Laptop (all browsers Edge, Chrome, Fire Fox, IE) and nope its not updating.

Tried on EE Mobile & Vodafone, same not showing latest changes.


Any ideas why this is happening?

I'm thinking its like I am FTP'ing to the old site and the upgrade is now on another site hence why updates not showing. I don't know, any ideas what to check?


Thank you




It ok found the problem, the A records of subdomains still pointing to the previous hosting record, copied the A record from the main domain and after a few minutes all sorted.

Only downfall, changes I made yesterday to one subdomain after the upgrade haven't saved so got do all them again, nevermind.