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Can't edit stored procedures and functions

Hi there, good night everybody,


I have a shared hosting plan in GoDaddy (Linux one), and for same strange reason I can't edit my own stored procedures.

When I create them I'm still able to edit and export them, but after sometime I can't anymore.


They are still available to run, but not to edit anymore, that's a huge problem and can't find a way to solve this.


Anyone else with this issue or knows the answer to fix it?


Thanks in advance,



Re: Can't edit stored procedures and functions

Hello @rafacla!


Thank you for posting. Is it phpmyadmin where you're going to edit the procedures? Have you tried reaching out to our support team on this yet? 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Can't edit stored procedures and functions

Hi there @Heather,

Thank you for your answer, yes it is in phpMyadmin, but I can't reach GoDaddy support team because there are just phone numbers and they answer only in business hours in Brazil.

I'm working at a greenfield project and there are no phone signal or internet there because we are just too far from the nearest city.


I think I'll have to keep dropping the stored procedures and create new ones.


Thank you.


Re: Can't edit stored procedures and functions

Same issue here, support unable to assist. 


after a bit of poking around, it seems that logging in to cpanel but not via the gateway works best, I have multiple user names and I can edit procedures if I log in with the same one that I did when I set them up




Re: Can't edit stored procedures and functions

Godaddy stil havent figured out a solution for it. Problem is due to the user name constantly being changed when login into phpmyadmin. they need to do smth about it. i cannot view my procedures now!