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Classic ASP - All pages hanging



I've been using GoDaddy hosting for years (Windows Deluxe hosting) and over the last few days every single .asp page i have just hangs.  I've made no changes to the code etc and all the pages used to work fine.


I've also noticed that when using the GoDaddy 'File Manager' option, if I create a new .asp file with just <%=date()%> in it the page won't work, it also just hangs and when I then try to delete the newly created file the file manager tells me the file doesn't exist yet it's shown in my file listing!


Any suggestions?





And now strangley after several days they're working again.


Very, very odd.

I've been having that issue as well. At least when I first make a call to the site or if it sits there for a while and I go back to check something it just hangs there for 10 seconds or so. When it gets there, then it seems to works fine. 10 seconds is long enough for a potential customer to go away. It seems like a DNS issue on their end to me. Then again, I have been having lots of issues getting classic to work right. Works fine on the production server. When I upload it, it's no bueno. There is always an extra value (var) that I need somewhere and nowhere to turn for help. Even the few asp snippets available in the help files don't work and tech support isn't any help at all.