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Default hosting files and folders

Hi all. Can anyone send me a screenshot or give me a listing of the original files and folders (names) that a hosting account starts out with? Thanks.

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Hi @anon3,


I know I'm likely to regret asking this, but why?

If you have accidentally deleted some (some?) important folders, then your site will not function properly and you would be best reseting your hosting. This will put them all back for you. Just like what mums used to do when your room was a mess when little. Cat Happy

It would also help if you stated what kind of site and hosting it (was?) is, also put some relevant tags in the message so forum members can pick up on them.




Importing new site. Want to get rid of unneeded files and folders still lingering.

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Smiley Frustrated................

lingering files and folders?? Something doesn't sound right. If you are about to import a new site then I would reset the hosting.


cool name 'anon', short for anonymous of course.