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Does godaddy hosting allow scripting with database access?

Does godaddy hosting allow scripting with database access?

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Godaddy hosting can have MySQL built in. It is in basic hosting (which is all I use and need as I hand code my sites). You could have XAMP or MAMP installed on your computer, and write a database. Then dump that database into a file and import that file into your database to populate it.


As far as the scripting goes then yes as in PHP / MySQL Queries on your site, as per usual.


Hope this helps.

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GoDaddy is not supporting Microsoft oledb 12.0 Data Access Component so you can not import an excel file into a grid view. GoDaddy  is also not supporting excel driver through ODBC so in any way you can not import Excel File into your application. So the hosting is useless for these kind of web applications. The worst thing is that GoDaddy is not willing to install this component on shared hosting even when thousands of GoDaddy Customers are facing this problem and they are not supportive in any manner to resolve this problem.I think they should remove this line "We have everything to success your business in India" from their advertisements. Thanks