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Extremely slow website!

My website is loading extremely slow. I type my web address and another site and I can see a significant difference. To double check I asked several friends in different countries, they are confirming the issue. Here is the address:

I agree I have observed GoDaddy Sites load very slow...Not sure why...I guess they don't offer CDN which could be a reason for very slow loads..


So is there a solution?

Hey @engaomar


Currently there's no known system alerts on our end that would be causing a site to load slowly. If you haven't done so already, you should try reaching out to our live support so our hosting team can help take a closer look to be sure there isn't something on our end that's being missed. 


Right now, I can't see any issue based on the site content as it looks like you're just pointing to the default welcome page we provide with the hosting plan.


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My Website also loading very slow. Even I try with some DNS speed checker and that also showing the slow ness.


I am trying to reach to the chat support for last few days every time is showing chat support is currently un available, is there any specific time for this chat support or its just a fake info.





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Same here, my website loads extremely slow and quite often not at all... will it be fixed at all?

My php websites were loading very slowly.


Techs pointed me to 'error_log' file (text file) on the server.  Mine had embarrassingly grown to over 1GB.  I downloaded it so I could analyze it.  Then I deleted it.  Speed issues gone.


When the error_log  file gets too big, every time someone connects, it has to find the end of the file and append to it.  When a file gets too big, this can take a VERY long time.


Hope it helps you,


Can you let everyone know where that 'error_log' file is located?

Mine was in the root folder, was called 'error_log'

I'm having the SAME issue. My site always used to take like 1.3 seconds to load. See here:

Now my site is taking over 12 seconds to load. I called into Go Daddy and they said they had issues the other day with CPanel hosted sites, but my site is so slow people are thinking it's timing out.

Hi @Jackie123


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The issues on Thursday with our cPanel servers are unrelated to the slowness of your website. (The servers were completely down for a short period.) Running a test on your website on gtmetrix shows a big problem with your images loading. You may wish to size them more appropriately for web viewing (72dpi at the intended use size) and replace them on the website. This would avoid having the browser resize everything for your visitors to view, taking more time to load. 



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I had hosted a website on the sub domain and it is too slow.. You can check the site loading form the link below.. The site is developed in ASP.NET and uses .NET Framework 4.6


It took 39 Seconds to load the site when runs for the first time.


See the same site hosted on a different platform


It took only 7 Seconds when runs for the first time..


Please do something regarding this issue as I want to publish my sites to a new Pleask hosting plan ( . Now it is hosted in another plan (Deluxe Plan with CPanel) which is far better in performance but support only upto .NET Framework 3.5 .



My sites also run very slow on GoDaddy. This site advertisingphotography.cais taking about 7 seconds/page  and is taking about 4-5 seconds/page. 


I've worked with their level 2 and level 3 tech support for over 1.5 hours today and no improvement yet. 

I understood the reason behind this..


In shared hosting , the server is configured in such a way that the server will be shut down the application pool if there is no activity for more than 30 min to 2 Hours. Later when a new site request comes , it loads everything to the application pool which accounts for the slow response when running for the first time



hi did anyone manage to find solution to this problem ? really I am so much upset and frustrated , I had windows delux hosting plan but had to upgrade php 7 so had to change plan and they offered windows plesk and all trouble started. first it was 500 error with migration then paid money and was told oh you need php3 file then only work because its plesk requirement for Wordpress. then why did not you inform when you upgraded plan and we took help for migration because they. knew this problem will happen and client will be panic and had to pay money to solve this problem because we don't know this . and still my WooCommerce is giving me trouble I cannot access my orders individually and I deal with digital goods my customer are getting error messages when they are trying to download their digital purchase.

I had enough with go daddy now