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GoDaddy login name different to my ftp login name, why?

To login in to the GoDaddy website I use my login name and my password.   Great.  


But to upload files to the FTP (via Muse) I successfully log in using a slightly different username and same password.    ????   


THEN... when I try to edit my site via the Muse in-browser editor no combination of the above usernames and passwords work.   WTF???     

...I don't get it.  Can someone explain this to me please?  It would be MOST appreciated, thank you.  🙂 

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Hello @matbrady1,


Most simply put your GoDaddy account information is not necessarily your FTP login information. In many cases you will not even have to login to GoDaddy to edit your website (depending on your hosting and method). Also note that one GoDaddy account can have many, many hosting and FTP logins. I hope that helps? 

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