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Godaddy down again




Seems to be an ongoing issue with godaddy. Nothing ever seems to work correctly.





Developer and Creator GeGeek

I also can't access to my delux hosting cpanel. Can any one help??

I'm having the same issue.  I contacted their support last night and said there was no way to give an estimated time and no way to email when it was back online. I am currently hosting from my house's slow internet because I have no other choice.  I also tried calling their support and the number on the home page of godaddy isn't a valid phone number.  I usually love godaddy support but they're kind of leaving me hanging on this one.

Hi @TheSamDickey@GeGeek, and @tahsin352,


Welcome to the Community!

While we had a fairly brief outage on our hosting servers this Thursday, we're not reporting any specific issues at this time. You each may have a problem with your hosting unrelated to each other. (It's likely you're not all on the same server.) If your websites are not working, I would encourage each of you to post your question in the appropriate forum to get input and help from our Community members. And of course, our customer support team can be reached at any of the numbers in the link below.


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