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Hosting question from a numbskull

Hi. I really do NOT know very much about all of this malarkey. I have several domain names with GoDaddy - of which I want to use 1 as my email address and web site. I want to buy Office 365 Business Premium - but will probably pay the extra and do so directly through Microsoft. What I want to know, and do not understand, is this: Will I still need to buy hosting from GoDaddy, or will my Microsoft account provide this? And if I still need the hosting service from GoDaddy, so I buy it before or after buying the MS Office package - in case it makes a difference! Thanks for any advice! Cheers. Janet

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Re: Hosting question from a numbskull



Yes, you will still need to purchase hosting for your website.   Office 365 offers email (Outlook) and productivity software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) based on package purchased but not website hosting.


You can purchase your hosting before or after.  Either way the DNS record for your domain are going to have to be modified to reflect where your email and your web hosting are located.


HTH! 😉


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