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If GoDaddy can only give me a .US domain, how will this affect my site?

It’ll tell Google that you’re in the US. It’s been speculated by some that using various types of TLDs will affect your rankings, however Google claims that this has no affect on search. Google just says that a .US will send them signals that you’re in the US.If You Register .com Then I think Not Affect Your Website. Mainly Users Purchase Domain Like Mobileapp Or Webapplication

IMPORTANT: When you register a .US domain name you will not be allowed to keep your registration information private. That means that people can look you up, call you or even send you mail. If your website shows up highly in Google for a popular search phrase, this could mean that you’ll receive a ton of spam calls.

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Super User III

Re: If GoDaddy can only give me a .US domain, how will this affect my site?



Good tips. With most CCTLDs, you're not going to be able to hide your information due to restrictions from the country they're from. 


It should be noted that SEO, however, relies more on principles like keywords, regularly updated content, and reliability of said content. It really doesn't matter a whole lot what the TLD is at the end of the domain name. 

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