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Lost connection to MySQL server during query

After I upgrade to Ultimate Hosting still encountered below error.

[16-Apr-2018 13:19:50 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur] PHP Warning:  mysqli_query(): (HY000/2013): Lost connection to MySQL server during query

The same query run in phpmyadmin is Query took 0.0009 sec.

Website is slow. Please advise. Thanks.


It seems that the MySQL server is slow. Is it same server? I don't see high usage or high entry processes in my website. How can I get help on this? It seem the Chat Support is always offline.

I am getting the same issue since the last 6 months. Godaddy kept pitching me higher resources for the site but even that did not resolve the issue. Lost over $10,000 in business revenue so far. Still looking for a fix. 

Not sure if I am having the same issue but I get a Connection Lost error when trying to preview an edit and then it won't save.GoDaddy of course asks for upgrades etc. I paid for the service but they didn't resolve my issue. THEN they say it is MY CONNECTION. 1gb with xfinityand have ZERO CONNECTION issues. Most of the time wpbakery(visual composer) freezes and I cannot edit pages. Thinking of swithcingto a2 and ditching Godaddy . They only seem interested if you UPGRADE which I have done , spendiong nearly $1000 and no better than on managed wordpress....ideas????